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’SW:’ Panicked Maddie Brush Gives 30-Week Pregnancy Update

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Onscreen, Sister Wives fans can clearly see that things are rocky between Janelle and Kody at the moment. However, their daughter Maddie Brush seems perfectly content in her quiet life in North Carolina. She and her husband Caleb Brush are already the parents of two children and are so excited to welcome another.

Maddie recently shared an update with fans revealing that she only have a few weeks left in her pregnancy. Keep reading to see exactly why she’s feeling a little panicked.

Maddie Brush is ready to welcome her new daughter into the world

Maddie Brush absolutely adores being a wife and mother. But she and her husband Caleb decided it was time to expand their little family and add one more. They’re going to welcome a new daughter into the world in the new year.

Maddie Brush, Axel Brush, Caleb Brush, and Evie Brush from Instagram
Maddie Brush/Instagram

“30 weeks and some change! 🤰 I’m not entirely sure where the last 30 weeks went, but ready for the next 10,” Maddie captioned her Instagram post. “Stuck between a place of panic because we have so much to do in the next 10 weeks. Also hoping maybe for maybe a short 8 weeks so we can meet this baby girl and I can have my body back. 🤣”

Maddie’s siblings Paedon and Ysabel were among the first comments to wish her well. But many Sister Wives fans chimed in to send their congratulations as well.

Maddie Brush from Instagram
Maddie Brush/Instagram

I love that you and Mykelti have children so close in age ❤️❤️” one fan wrote. Mykelti Padron gave birth to twins on November 17

I know! Just breathe and enjoy. Take advantage of the time you have now and she’ll be here before you know it! So excited for you all 👶” another fan wrote.

Maddie Brush’s new bundle of joy will be here soon, so make sure to keep checking back for updates!

When will fans meet the newest Brush baby onscreen?

Sister Wives Season 17 is around a year behind actual events, so it’s very unlikely that Maddie’s third pregnancy will be explored this year. But fans can probably expect to see more next fall when Sister Wives Season 18 comes out.

However, Maddie and Caleb rarely film any longer. They do live in Noth Carolina, which makes it difficult for them to actively film. And on top of that, they may not really have an interest in filming.

Most of the family’s adult children have parted ways with the show. This season, fans have seen a lot of Truely and a little bit of Ysabel and Gwendlyn. Gabriel Brown even made an appearance in the most recent episode. But with all the drama going on in the house, it makes sense that Maddie and Caleb would opt to live quieter lives apart from the rest of the family.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on Maddie Brush and the rest of the Sister Wives family. Don’t miss the next episode this Sunday night at 10 PM eastern time.

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