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Katie Bates Opens Up About End Of ‘Bringing Up Bates’

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Katie Bates Clark is opening up to fans about the end of her family’s UPtv show, Bringing Up Bates. After years on their various TV shows, the Bates family is now completely off the air, which is a significant change. Keep reading to find out what Katie has to say about it all.

UPtv pulls the plug on Bringing Up Bates. 

In January 2022, UPtv announced that it was canceling Bringing Up Bates shortly before Season 11 was set to debut. The Bates family had been on UPtv for 10 seasons and before that, they had a TLC show titled United Bates of America. 

UPtv said they wanted to go a different direction with their programming. However, this was shortly after the Bates family was under fire for something that was said on Instagram. Fans were outraged when Carlin Bates shared a video clip of her family playing charades. As a couple of the boys acted out the word “hunting,” someone else called out, “George Floyd.”

The family received quite a bit of backlash over this and Carlin attempted to apologize and buy fans’ forgiveness. Some fans called on UPtv to cancel the show after it all. Though UPtv never confirmed this stunt ended the family’s show, some fans are convinced this was the reason behind the cancelation.

Travis Clark & Katie Bates - YouTube

Katie Bates opens up about the show’s cancelation.

In a new YouTube video, Katie and her husband, Travis Clark, sat in their car and addressed the assumptions fans have made about them. They have done this in the past but had a whole new batch of assumptions to explore this time.

One fan sent in an assumption and said they think that it was “bittersweet” for Katie when Bringing Up Bates ended.

Travis Clark & Katie Bates - YouTube

In response, Katie Bates said, “Yeah, I think it definitely was bittersweet. That’s a good word for it. It was so much of my childhood, like so many memories spending with the film crew, all of that.”

Then, she added, “It’s different. It was a different stage of life when we stopped filming.” 

She said there were “so many good memories” and decided she would “go back and watch some older ones.” 

So, does it surprise you to hear that Katie Bates is talking about the end of Bringing Up Bates? Do you appreciate her focus on all of the memories they made on the show? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bates family. You can check out Katie and Travis Clark’s newest video below.

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  1. Yes it was a great show and it should not been taken off the air because some one was offended ! It was a game ! But I do not watch up tv any more because soon as some one complains they shut it down we all make mistakes we are human get over it ! But I will not watch tv they jumps to the wrong conclusion ! They had all ready started filming I hope they lost lot of money

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