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Is Pregnant Joy-Anna Forsyth Struggling To Manage Her Home?

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Might Joy-Anna Forsyth be struggling to manage her home while pregnant and caring for her two young kids, Gideon, 4, and Evelyn, 2? She recently gave fans a peek into her kitchen and revealed that the housework has been piling up. Is pregnancy to blame for this? Keep reading to see the photo she shared and get the details about the state of Joy-Anna’s home.

Currently, Joy-Anna is expecting her third baby. Her baby boy is due to arrive in May and she’s currently 15 weeks along. When sharing a 15-week update with fans, the Duggar daughter shared a mirror photo and pointed out her dirty bathroom mirror.

Joy-Anna Forsyth - YouTube

And before sharing that post, she didn’t shy away from giving fans a real, unfiltered look into her home. From what Joy-Anna has shared on social media, it doesn’t sound like her pregnancy is too bad, but of course, she must be more tired while growing a baby. She previously shared that she needs daily injections throughout her pregnancy and has appointments with a high-risk doctor due to her pregnancy loss a few years ago. So, she may be struggling a bit.

Is pregnant Joy-Anna Forsyth struggling to keep her home clean?

On her Instagram Stories, pregnant Joy-Anna Forsyth gave fans a peek into her kitchen, revealing that it was a little messy. Below, you can see the pile of dishes in her sink. There are too many to fit into the sink. So several cups and plates are sitting on the countertop beside the sink.

Joy-Anna Forsyth - Instagram

Now, in her post, Joy-Anna didn’t say whether she was struggling to keep up due to her pregnancy. But it’s possible that the extra exhaustion has not helped her out when it comes to keeping her home clean.

Fortunately, Joy-Anna Forsyth didn’t have to wait long before she found the time, energy, or both to clean up her kitchen.

The Duggar daughter tackles her messy dishes.

Later, on her Instagram Stories, Joy-Anna shared another video as she rinsed all of the dishes and put them into the dishwasher. So, it looks like she got one area of her home under control.

Joy-Anna Forsyth - Instagram

So, do you think it looks like Joy-Anna Forsyth is struggling to manage her home while pregnant? Or do you think she simply got busy and let the dishes pile up? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family.

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