Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Is Janelle Brown Detached From Her Children’s Feelings?

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Right now, Janelle Brown is in a pretty precarious position. Sister Wives fans can clearly see that she’s thought about leaving Kody. But none of her assets are solely in her name, and that’s a big problem.

Although many Sister Wives fans do favor Janelle, some have noticed that she has a few unfavorable traits too. Is it possible that she’s detached and removed from her children’s feelings?

Fans noticed Janelle Brown never seemed interested in being a mom

Janelle Brown tends to be one of the more popular Sister Wives figures. However, she’s still a human being with flaws. Over on Reddit, some viewers started to dig into some of those issues.

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Janelle Brown/TLC

“I love Janelle, but she’s ALWAYS struck me as detached to the feelings and needs of her children and maybe even selfish. This is why polygamy worked so well for her,” one Redditor wrote on the platform recently. “Her second love was Kody. Her first love was money and her work and the freedoms it brought AWAY from her children and parenting.”

The user went on to point out how Janelle always seemed to uncomfortable during family time. It seems like she really just thrives when she’s out on her own.

“She’s admitted that she’s not the domesticated woman, but to me it seemed like this extended to not really being a mom by nature. She gave birth to them and provided financially and that was it,” the OP continued.

“I think Janelle is the opposite of Kody when it comes to kids. He hates it when they get older and she can’t relate til they become adults,” one user wrote in response to the OP’s comments.

Janelle Brown and Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Sister Wives/TLC

Some Redditors agreed with the OP, but many others thought the claims were sexist and that viewers wouldn’t complain about Janelle’s detached behavior if she was a man.

“Would you have this critique if she were a man? Lots of men do this. And she kept the family afloat with her work. I believe she paid for the Lehi house in full,” another Redditor noted.

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Regardless of the situation, fans will always dislike Kody Brown more

Even if some Sister Wives fans have issues with Janelle, those complaints pale in comparison to the complaints they have against Kody Brown. Each season, his behavior seems to get worse and worse. There’s really no telling where things will go from here and fans know there can’t be many episodes left in Season 17.

Stay tuned for the latest Sister Wives news. There will be a new episode out this Sunday night at 10 PM eastern time on TLC, so tune in and see what happens next.

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  1. WHAT?? Janelle had to work to PROVIDE for the ENTIRE Brown clan and I’ve ALWAYS seen her interacting lovingly with her children! Cody is the one who has never seen his children as anything more than the glue that kept the women with him!! Janelle has endured the most and was given the least!!!
    Love you Janelle and I pray if you do leave that you don’t leave with nothing!!

    1. Janelle start thinking of yourself and your kids Cody only thinks of himself as priority and Robin and her kids. I believe Robin plants gossip and lies to Cody to keep him all to herself and her kids. she pretends to be a victim but she’s not that good an actor. she confides in Meri because she knows Meri is no competition with her. it is obvious Cody has no interest in Meri and has said it many times. Get your affairs in order Robin will do her best to get rid of you. That’s why she had Cody adopt her kids.

  2. girl its time..past time to realize you e spent your life working to support a family that could care less about you..all you’ve been is a money machine..christine is the only one that has cared about you..goofy wants all of you gone. hes got what he w as nts and it’s not any of you..extras. get what you can and move on.

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