Heartbroken ‘Sister Wives’ Fans Rush To Hug Gabe

Gabriel Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Gabriel Brown made a rare appearance during the latest Sister Wives episode that aired on December 4, 2022. Many of the older children have moved on and are no longer interested in filming. However, Gabriel’s rocky relationship with his father has been a hot-button issue in the family lately.

Since Janelle and Kody are having such a rough time onscreen, it made sense that Gabriel would make an appearance to discuss his feelings and relationship with his dad. But after his emotional breakdown on screen, Sister Wives fans couldn’t help but feel terrible for Gabe.

See what fans online had to say about the heartbreaking scene.

Gabriel Brown broke down during his Sister Wives appearance this week

It’s been a while since Gabriel Brown appeared on Sister Wives. Last time fans saw him, he and his older brother Garrison were standing up for themselves and pushing back against Kody’s strict COVID-19 rules.

Of course, Kody Brown doesn’t like it when others won’t bow down to his rules. Unfortunately, this move came with consequences and Gabe and Garrison have incredibly strained relationships with their father now.

Gabriel Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Gabriel Brown/TLC

During Gabriel’s talking head this week, he described how Kody called him to talk about COVID-19 symptoms. However, Kody just happened to call on Gabriel’s birthday — and he didn’t even acknowledge his birthday at all. Gabriel started to cry recalling the phone call. All he wanted was for his father to remember his birthday and prove that he still cared.

The scene was incredibly difficult to watch and fans made their feelings known online.

“My God as a mama, I just want to hug Gabe,” one Redditor posted online. “I have a son that age who never cries but the one time I saw him sob like Gabe did because of how awful his boss treated him broke my heart and at the same time angered me so much that I supported him quitting without notice. Boys don’t cry like that unless deeply hurt.”

Gabriel Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Gabriel Brown/TLC

“I had tears in my eyes during that scene,” another Redditor commented.

“I just hope he is able put his terrible relationship with his dad in the rear view and move on to a healthy successful life,” another user added.

Did this episode also break your heart? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

How did Gabriel handle Christine’s divorce from Kody?

In previous episodes, the adults have mentioned that Gabriel is one of the more sensitive kids. That’s one reason why Sister Wives fans worried he would have a difficult time with Christine leaving the family. After all, Christine raised him along with Janelle’s other children. When the children were little, Janelle worked while Christine took care of the little ones.

However, many Sister Wives fans agreed that Gabriel has had to overcome many challenges in his life so far. He is probably sad that he can’t see Christine as often, but is also likely happy that Christine is forging her own path.

Stay tuned for more information on Sister Wives. There will be another episode coming out this Sunday night at 10 PM eastern time on TLC.

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  1. It is not uncommon for fathers with many children not to be able to give enough love, care or time to meet the needs of all of them and keeping birthdays straight is a part of that. Then when they have stress and illness to deal with its even more complicated. Gabe needs to have a talk with his dad. His dad needs to apologize and assure Gabe of his love. Then they need to spend a little time talking just about how to do better in the future WITHOUT the constant demand for respect and loyalty. You don’t demand you earn.

  2. Gabe is more mature than his sperm donor and definately more caring! Move on Gage, you’ve tried several times and keep getting shood away! Time to let the sperm donor go and now you know better I’m sure you’ll do better!! Strict COVID-19 rules weren’t Codys, they were Robyns! Her way of chipping away at everyone else’s ties with Cody! SheDevil!!!!!

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