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Wait, What Color Are Kody Brown’s Eyes?

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Kody Brown’s most distinct feature is his hair. However, fans are starting to question the exact color of his eyes. On Google, it says the father of eighteen has blue eyes. Yet, when they do their one-on-one confessionals, he appears to have brown eyes. This is quite common for those with hazel as they can change based on what they are wearing. If he does not have hazel eyes, is Kody wearing colored contacts? Fans want to know more.

What Color Are Kody Brown’s Eyes?

Kody has had the same off-putting curls for many seasons now. Yet, he did rock the flat-ironed look for some time and does occasionally wear a ponytail when he deems fit. It is now his eyes that have left fans with many questions. Are they blue? Wait, are they brown? A Reddit thread has started to discuss this small detail. It actually started with a fan posting a hilarious screenshot from a recent episode. Then, a fellow Redditor noticed Kody’s eyes.

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“He used to have blue eyes, now their brown, were they colored contacts, yup,” they commented. It appears that in most of the current confessionals of him, he does have brown eyes. Therefore, it is to be believed that Kody may have worn colored contacts in past episodes. Or even in earlier episodes. Some of his children appear to have lighter eyes so he may have wanted to fit in with them. Furthermore, he has lightened his hair so maybe he wanted to go for the blonde hair/blue-eyed look.

The Eye Area Is A Focal Point

For Kody Brown and his fourth wife, Robyn, their eyes have been a focal point for fans. Robyn’s eyebrows have constantly been under scrutiny as they are heavily drawn on. Fans wonder if they have a makeup artist but since the pandemic, it is clear that they do not have any assistance- aside from the nanny. Moreover, his first wife, Meri’s brows are just as overdrawn and heavy. When Robyn came down with Covid, viewers finally got a glimpse of Robyn sans makeup.

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They were shocked at how pale and different she looked but more so, how light her eyebrows were. It was a completely different Robyn. Some fans were shocked that she actually made them look so awful on purpose. In the end, it is clear that Kody and Robyn care very much about aesthetics. Plus, fans and viewers alike have caught on and just want to know who the real Kody and Robyn are.

Do you think Kody wore colored contacts and for what reason? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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