‘The Boys’ Spinoff Has A New Avatar For The King Of The Seas

Prime Video’s The Boys spinoff Gen V has a new trailer featuring the King Of The Seas in a weird new avatar. The grisly new trailer for the upcoming series gave fans a first look at some of the new characters along with returning faces from the original show. Among them is a character who isn’t introduced in his original form. Who is this character? Keep reading to find out the details!

The Boys’ Disgraced Superhero Is Now A Puppet

The official trailer for Gen V was released on Saturday alongside three still images shared on The Boys’ Twitter page. However, one among these stills shows an up-close view that appears to be a part of some Sesame Street-style show for children. The scene features actor Jason Ritter wearing a cardigan and tie sitting next to a puppet that looks eerily similar to The Seven’s disgraced superhero, The Deep.

The Deep The Boys Gen V YouTube

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As per CBR.com, every last detail from the stubble to his hair are similar to the character. Plus, his costume is zipped down to show a puppet version of the gills present in his chest. As of now, there has been no explanation for the King Of The Seas or other puppets shown in the teaser trailer. The upcoming spinoff series will introduce a new compilation of characters in a college-themed setting. Although a crossover is pretty evident from the returning faces in the trailer, it is yet to be established how many of the OG characters will return.

Who Is The Deep In The Boys Series?

The Deep, portrayed by Chace Crawford, is a long-time member of the Seven and is popular as the King Of The Seas. He is the most civilized and mature member of the team who often is on the receiving side of disregard, racism, and contempt from his team and other characters. He occasionally finds himself in embarrassing circumstances that steal his metaphorical thunder.

The Deep The Boys Gen V YouTube

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His powers include breathing underwater and communicating with sea creatures. He has had a primarily antagonistic role given his apparent abuse of fame and power for his selfish needs. The Boys’ Season 3 brought The Deep’s character to his lowest low. The disgraced superhero desperately tried to stay in Homelander’s good graces. Moreover, he also tried to receive public adoration. Among his other outrageous moments were his sexual relationships with octopi.

Gen V Is The Boys’ Unique Spin On Marvel’s X-Men

Gen V is The Boys’ first live-action spinoff that takes place in a superhero campus called Godlokin University. Godlokin is The Boys’ spin on Marvel’s X-Men featuring superpowered students that form a team called the G-Men. The G-Men serve as a profitable asset for Vought. However, their private lives are just as criminally-motivated as that of The Seven’s. The spinoff series will premiere sometime in 2023. However, there is no official release date yet.

Gen V The Boys YouTube

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Are you excited for The Boys’ spinoff Gen V? And what do you think of The Deep’s new puppet form?

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