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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Struggle To Define How Robyn Is Loyal To Kody

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Throughout the last few years of Sister Wives, Robyn Brown has remained a lightning rod for controversy. She came in and many fans felt she became Kody Brown’s favorite, with his other three wives pushed to the side. However, with the family severing, fans have grown to hate Robyn even more.

In a recent discussion on Reddit, fans wondered how Kody Brown could test Robyn’s loyalty as his family falls apart.

How is Robyn the favorite on Sister Wives?

Robyn Brown on Sister Wives | YouTube

In a new Reddit thread, Redditor huckleberryneckpain asked the forum how Kody Brown could test Robyn’s loyalty to him. In the OP post, they mentioned Kody could refuse to stay at Robyn’s house until Ari gets a proper bedtime. This started an extensive discussion about ways that Kody could test Robyn’s loyalty to the family.

This is a tough season for Kody Brown as he watched his wife Christine leave and Janelle is struggling with the new family dynamics as well. Add in that Kody openly said this season that he doesn’t look at Meri as his wife anymore, and it seems Robyn is the last wife standing. But is that enough for Kody? He also demanded that his wives “conform to patriarchy again,” and that didn’t go down well.

For confirming her loyalty to Kody, there were lots of suggestions – some funny and some on point. The first comment made the most sense based on Kody’s past. Add a fifth wife. This probably won’t happen since Kody said on Sister Wives that Christine leaving and Meri’s catfishing scandal has him questioning if he even believes in plural marriage anymore.

The next comment targeted Robyn’s lifestyle. The Redditor said Kody should tell her they are broke and are moving into a small apartment. He then tells her she needs to get a job, get rid of 95 percent of her belongings, and that no one over 18 could live with them. The poster humorously posted a gif from the Dukes of Hazzard and said she would be “up outta there.”

Who does Robyn Brown put above Kody?

Robyn Brown crying on Sister Wives

That last comment got several people talking, even in other responses. One person said that Kody could tell her that all the kids over 18 need to move out. Another said that Kody should treat Robyn’s kids like he treats his other kids. They said that would really test her loyalty.

There are many Sister Wives fans who accuse Kody of neglecting and ignoring his kids with his other wives. One commenter said that “Robyn is many things but I do think she put her kids above everyone, including Kody.”

However, one last commenter said that Robyn Brown holds all the cards here since she is Kody’s only legally married wife. “Robyn holds all the chips. She can divorce him and take half of everything plus child support,” they wrote. As they said, Robyn has all the power now.

In what ways do you think Kody could test Robyn’s loyalty on Sister Wives? What could ever make her leave? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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