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Robyn Brown Says ‘Put God First,’ Fans Reply ‘He Doesn’t Like You’

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Robyn Brown is definitely not a fan favorite when it comes to the Sister Wives brood. Along with her husband, Kody, the two seem to deserve each other. They are narcissistic, both constantly play the victim, and are almost painful to watch on a weekly basis. That being said, Robyn is catching heat for a 2019 Instagram post related to God. Interestingly enough, she is being attacked now which is also happening to Kody, who is being dragged over the coals. He has not posted on social media in over a year yet fans are lambasting him for poor behavior. So, what are Robyn’s followers saying exactly? Read on for more details.

Robyn Brown Says ‘Put God First,’ Fans: ‘He Doesn’t Like You’

A few years ago, Robyn was much more active on social media. She had posted a quote on her Instagram that said: “PUT GOT FIRST AND EVERYTHING ELSE WILL FALL INTO PROPER PLACE.” Next to it, Robyn reiterated how much she loved God. However, those who follow her had other things to say.


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“What you’ve done to this family is shameful! Your underhanded, manipulative, selfish ways are not very Godly,” one person commented. Another added: “You’re a bad person.” That was followed by: “God wouldn’t like you.” People clearly had a lot of issues with Kody’s fourth wife. They also felt that she should pay back Janelle for all that she and Kody have taken from her so she can finally be free. Yet, one incident kept getting addressed and could not be ignored.

Dog Kicking Does Not Bode Well

Recently, footage of Robyn Brown kicking Meri’s dog resurfaced and fans are livid over this. First off, they believe that her disdain for animals is why Kody is suddenly so intolerant of them. In the latest episode of Sister Wives, he once again addressed how he does not like sleeping in Janelle’s bed because her two pups have taken to sleeping with her. He despises the dog hair yet there was a time when he loved pooches and actually grew up on a farm.

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“Yes God is aware, of every move you make and every thought you have. And that dog did nothing to you,” someone commented. Additionally, another person asked the Flagstaff police to look into the incident. However, since it appeared to have happened early on in the series, they probably can’t do much. Seems like fans of the show do not think that God really cares for Robyn the way that she cares for the higher power.

Do you think that she has a chance to redeem herself? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Robyn will get what’s coming to her. … she and Kody have taken advantage of the love in the hearts of jannelle and Mary. Good for Christine… take your money and run.. the other two.. will have to sue…redemption for Robyn???? She is the most hated person on TV her heart is black and selfish

  2. Robyn is not fooling anyone! does it even bother her that everyone hates her? and don’t get me started on Kody. Disgusted by the two of them !
    For God’s sake someone fix her eyebrows!

  3. I don’t necessarily care the things Robyn does, but to tell her that God either doesn’t or wouldn’t like her? I don’t know of any person on the face of this earth who can speak for God.

  4. oh Robin go and cry .. I am not your fan !!!
    you and kody deserve each other ..
    I hope and pray that the children who are 18 years old and older sues kody for back child support..
    we all know the mothers supported there children not kody ..

  5. she was a thorn in the sides of the other wives. Kody favored her above the others. Robin ended up with more than 60% in value of the property in Cyote pass. She has a nanny for kids who are passed needing sitter. what a miserable woman. Now they want Christine’s procedes from her house? What a manipulater.

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