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How Much Do ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Cast Make Per Episode?

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The Alaskan Bush People Season 13 finale aired on Sunday night. This means that fans will have to wait and see if the show will get another season. The good news is that the interest in the Brown family didn’t drop after Billy’s death, and there should be a chance for more.

However, it also comes down to whether a new season is worth the cost. This comes down to how much the Alaskan Bush People cast receives per episode compared to the ratings the show gets.

How much does Alaskan Bush People cast make?

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So, what does the Alaskan Bush People cast make per episode? The hit show has been on Discovery Channel since 2014, starting out with Billy and Ami Brown raising their family in the bush of Alaska. Since then, they moved to Washington. With Billy’s death last year, the kids have taken over as the primary focus of the show, and this season was the first with just them as the leads.

With the kids now in the lead, many fans wonder what Discovery pays them. Matt Brown, who Discovery fired a few years back, said the family owed him money for his appearances. However, he also said that Billy Brown kept all the money and didn’t share it with his children. With Billy gone, the real numbers could show up soon. This is especially true if Bear Brown and Raiven get divorced.

For now, the main estimate is that Discovery pays the kids $50,000 an episode while Billy made $500,000. According to Parrot Analytics, Alaskan Bush People ranks at 98 percent. This means the show has higher demand than over 98 percent of all reality TV shows in the United States. That means the family might be worth a lot of money, but are they worth that much money?

Will there be another season of Alaskan Bush People?

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The next bit of news that Alaskan Bush People fans will look for is whether the show will be back for Season 14. This was the first year the show aired without Billy Brown in the main cast. He died during the filming of Season 12, so he was there for the first half before his passing. This season, it was all about the kids finding their way without their dad.

Noah Brown left home and went to Alaska to find a new house for himself and his family. They plan to move next spring. Birdie learned she had two tumors and had them removed. She then had to decide if she wanted a hysterectomy or not. Rain ended up having an emotional breakdown at the end. Bear Brown and Noah Brown both wanted to build a home for their families on the mountain. Bam worked hard to help Ami get the ranch profitable.

If there is a new season, there are already two big storylines set up. First up, Raiven just left Bear Brown, so he will have a new look next season if they don’t end up getting back together. Birdie still wants to find her way in life and has decided she wants kids. Finally, Noah will move to Alaska next spring, so a huge part of a new season would be him getting back to the bush.

Are you surprised at how much the Alaskan Bush People cast make per episode? What are your thoughts on the now-concluded 14th season of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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