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‘GMA’ Fans Bored To Tears, Want ‘Fake’ Hosts Fired

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GMA fans are bored to tears. They want these “fake” hosts fired. The viewers got restless on social media after they witnessed a painful segment during the live morning show. Keep reading to learn more.

TJ Holmes & Amy Robach’s shocking affair

Last week, GMA made headlines when TJ Holmes and Amy Robach’s shocking affair came out. The was the first to report about it and to include photographic and video evidence. The GMA3 co-anchors have been involved in an alleged six-months affair even though both of them have been married for about a decade.

Some fans have even called for their firing on social media. They believe their relationship is inappropriate even if they are consenting adults at the same work level. News also broke that TJ was involved in a three-year affair with a GMA producer long before he allegedly hooked up with Amy.

Robin Roberts [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
TJ’s future on the show remains unclear up to this point. Sources previously told TMZ that their positions were safe. However, that was right before the claims about TJ’s affair with the producer of the show. Some fans loved watching Amy and TJ during their hour on the morning show.

They agreed that their on-screen chemistry was felt through the screen. For several years, fans wondered if there was something happening between them. The TikTok videos showcasing Amy and TJ’s banter haven’t helped matters. Amy finally addressed “what has been going on” in an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun.

TJ Holmes & Amy Robach [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
She admits that she’s been feeling well amid the news. Amy expressed her appreciation for her job and for “everything” that’s been going on in her life despite the sudden buzz about her personal life. She reportedly moved out of the SoHo apartment she shared with her husband, Andrew Shue.

Amy has been married to the Melrose Place alum since 2010. She also shares two teenage daughters with her ex-husband Tim MacIntosh. TJ has been married to attorney Marilee Fiebig since 2010. The two share a daughter, Sabine.

Dr. Jen With TJ Holmes & Amy Robach [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]

GMA fans want “fake” hosts fired

In light of the recent news, GMA fans want these “fake” hosts fired. More people have been watching the show closely in recent days. The ABC program shared a clip of a holiday segment on Friday, December 2 to its official Twitter page.

Three of the GMA co-hosts offered dollar store hacks to save money during the holiday season. Some of the ideas included making decor like “giant lollipops, giant candies, candy door trellis, and hot cocoa bars.” However, fans thought the hosts should be fired for simply doing their jobs. They took to GMA’s tweet to call them “boring” and “fake.”

  • “They should all be fired.
  • “Bahahaha showcasing Dollar Store ideas vs Macy’s because they know we the people the consumer are broke. DC Failures left and right.”
  • “Show is so fake I’m bored to tears these hosts need the boot.”

One fan added: “Amy and TJ should both be fired.” Ironically, there are also fans who think Amy and TJ should work at a dollar store. What are your thoughts on the GMA fans wanting these “fake” hosts fired? Do you agree with them? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Obviously TJ is a dog. Amy is obnoxious, not a class act at all. They act like they’re in middle school. Nauseating. Their poor children.

  2. I think that GMA3 is an excellent show for this time slot and the hosts are entertaining and at the same time being informative and sticking to the subject that must be reported on. It’s the best of the afternoon shows. I love the three hosts and I’m glad that my favorite TV doctor is now more a part of the hosting.
    Keep the show on. Keep the hosts. They are wonderful.

  3. I have no further interest in watching GMA3. If you want to screw your coworker, get a divorce first. And they seem to think it’s funny. EXTREMELY unprofessional.

    1. None of our business – they did not violate work policies. Grown adults. people sure love to judge without having all the facts. People need to get a life of their own and stop giving advice to others.😒😒

      1. well said ..people need to keep their noses in their own business. leave these people alone..they have to live with their decisions. people act like this has never happened grow up

  4. Who gets fired for an adult, equitable, consentual affair??? The only firing that may be appropriate should be done by the spouses, if they decide too. Anyone else should mind their own business!!

  5. I am NOT watching GMA any more
    Grow up people Robin is openly gay as is Gio Benitez ……., why not take them offtje air ???
    And that is their business

  6. Bring them back. Everyone else is so boring. GMA has lost my attention for news. More like Entertainment Tonight, but a day show. I want news! Not all the crap they show daily! I turn to Fox in Cleveland for Ohio news and Fox in NY for the rest of the news. I don’t like any of the co hosts anyway. Really needs an overhaul from top to bottom.

  7. I’ve watched GMA3 since it first aired and I love how Dr Jen, Amy, and Tj make the best show combinations there is… What they do in the after hours and are keeping it clean in public and they are not bringing bad behavior into the show, then what, when, and how they live their lives is their business and let them be… Keep them on the show and bring them back… outsiders can mind their own business…
    Thankfully yours win

    1. These two are on an wholesome news entertaining show. They should be held accountable for lying to viewers and their employer, but mostly, to their spouses. They are public figures, their business is our business. They signed up for that. They were being very selfish and disrespectful on all levels.

      1. TJ made GMA3 watchable before he joined the anchor desk it was very boring he is also very funny when he is on GMAIn the morning filling in. So they are dating co-workers date who they are around all the time. ABC take a page from MSNBC Joe an Mika were both married had an affair and got divorce and than married they are still working together.

  8. I really enjoyed tuning in everyday to watch GMA3. What TJ and Amy did was wrong on all levels. They committed adultery and put their spouses in an awkward humiliation positions. If they come back, one of them really need to leave, I can’t stomach watching them both together ever again. They didn’t have to go do what they did. Very selfish acts on both of their parts. They hurt two people in all of this. Just selfish and very disrespectful.

  9. exactly private life is just that ,
    All the harpys out there need to put their stones back in their pockets
    judge not !!

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