Brittany Galvin Breaks Silence About Special Man She’d Date?

Brittany Galvin, YouTube

Brittany Galvin has gotten some hate for the way she handled her break up with Tyler Norris after Bachelor in Paradise. Fans heard how he felt confused and thrown off by the breakup and that she did it over Facetime.

Brittany and Tyler left the beach seemingly in love. After following their journey together, fans were rooting for them. Now that they are no longer together, Brittany is dating again. She stopped by Bachelor Happy Hour to talk to Becca Kufrin and her partner Thomas Jacobs.

Is Brittany Galvin Seeing Anyone?

While talking to Becca and Thomas, Brittany Galvin was asked if she was seeing anyone. Thomas said she had a coy smile according to Bachelor Nation. Despite the smile, Brittany said she was open and single. She wants to meet someone and asked if they knew any eligible bachelors.

Co-hosts Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs asked Brittany if she’s been seeing anyone since she and Tyler broke up and Thomas called out Brittany’s coy smile. Thomas asked if she would date someone else in Bachelor Nation.

Brittany responded she didn’t care if they were or not and is just, “trying to meet a good person and an independent person.”

She Addressed The Break Up With Tyler

When it comes to what happened with Tyler, she said Bachelor Nation fans just don’t know the whole story. On her Instagram, she said, “Two good people don’t automatically make a great couple and that’s okay. It’s very easy to absorb what you see on TV as the truth.”

Brittany Galvin, TikTok
Brittany Galvin, TikTok

She said she wishes the best for him and has all the respect for him. They just weren’t a good fit. One fan said, “it’s so easy to judge someone based off of quick screen grabs, but I can def tell there is more to the story and you don’t need to tell anyone it.”

Does She Like John Paul Jones?

Brittany Galvin said she has always joked about dating John Paul Jones, but that would never happen. She hinted she’s interested in someone from the show living in Chicago. Thomas and Becca called out that it had to be Andrew Spencer.

Brittany and Andrew had a connection initially. After they were vibing, the women were sent to a different location. While there she met Tyler and Andrew and she mutually ended things when she returned to the beach. She said they were just friends but she wouldn’t be mad about it if they did rekindle something. She said it would be great to double-date with Becca and Thomas.

Brittany Galvin, TikTok
Brittany Galvin, TikTok

What do you think about Brittany wanting to connect with Andrew again? Can you imagine them on a double date with Becca and Thomas? Finally, how do you feel about how she treated Tyler? To read more about Andrew in Paradise, click here. Comment with your thoughts down below.

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