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When Is Danielle Maltby Moving To Ohio For Michael Allio?

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Bachelor in Paradise couple Danielle Maltby and Michael Allio have quickly become fan favorites among fans. They fell in love fast and have now been together for several months. Danielle lives in Nashville while Michael lives in Akron, Ohio. Since Michael has a son to think of, Danielle is ready to make the big move to Ohio to be near them both. When will this big move be happening? Keep reading to find out more.

Michael Allio reveals when Danielle Maltby will move to Ohio

Bachelor Nation shared what Michael Allio had to say when asked when Danielle Maltby plans to move to Ohio. The two had previously announced that this was the plan but did not give a firm timeline.

Now, Michael is sharing what he and Danielle are planning. True to their word, they will not live together for now. They will continue to date and live separately. Of course, they do not want to rush things because of James.

He said, “I’m so excited for Dani to move here. I think our timeline is in the next two or three months. She has to get some things organized in Nashville and has to find a job and a place here in Ohio. We’re not going to move in together yet; she’s going to have a separate spot.”

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Michael continued, “Maybe she’ll live in Cleveland so James and I will have a little city spot we can go to on the weekends. I’m just so excited. Long distance is difficult, but we’ve made the best of it and this next chapter and upcoming year is one I am so looking forward to. She’s the best!”

Danielle is excited too

Michael isn’t the only one excited about Danielle’s big move. She reshared his answer on Instagram and said she is looking for a job. Plus she added, “Cleveland and Akron area friends! Send me your favorite med spas, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons!”

Fans also wanted to know if Michael had any desire to do another reality show. He shared he would love to do something like The Amazing Race with Danielle. He also shared a little-known fact that Danielle has been on the hit show Fear Factor. Plus, she won. Michael said, “This was during the time when they threw worms on you and everything. Yeah, she’s a bad B!”

Lots of exciting things coming for this adorable couple.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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