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Pat Sajak Tests ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Player’s Psychic Abilities?

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Pat Sajak tested a Wheel of Fortune player’s psychic abilities. This took place during the latest broadcast of the game show. Pat was skeptical about one of the contestants who claimed that he had psychic abilities. He admitted this gave him an upper advantage in the game. Keep reading on to learn more.

Wheel of Fortune contestant Fonzie is a psychic

The game show hasn’t had someone on this level before. Fonzie explained to Pat Sajak that he can see in his mind other contestants’ answers before they share them. He chalked that up to his psychic abilities. He explained to the longtime game show host that he and his father were avid show watchers.

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Fonzie admitted that he knew what the contestants on the show were going to guess. He found out that he was psychic. Fonzie could tell which letters the contestants would guess before it they said anything. Pat didn’t believe him. He claimed it was “because you know the game.”

However, Fonzie claimed that he had an ability that no one else had. His dad even thinks he’s a psychic. Pat Sajak agreed, saying “well that’s possible too.” Next, he asked Fonzie to read his mind. Fonzie responded “That I’m crazy,” to which Pat confirmed and jokingly said, “he’s psychic.”

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They moved on with the show. Unfortunately, Fonzie’s psychic abilities didn’t get him through to the bonus round. He ended up losing to fellow contestant Christine. Fonzie started off slow. He often got beaten out by Christine and Kiley. He took home $1,000, while Kiley brought home $5,000 and Christine won $29,600.

Pat Sajak is used to strange contestants

The television personality is used to his share of strange and crazy contestants. Having a psychic on Wheel of Fortune is rare, but it’s nothing to him. On a previous episode of the game show, Pat Sajak spoke to a contestant named Debbie who would yell at former contestants who wasted their money in the show.

“My friends and I used to yell at the screen all the time, and when people would buy vowels like ‘E’s it was obvious when there was one [on the puzzle] we would always scream at them, ‘why are you wasting your money!'” Debbie exclaimed.

Wheel of Fortune Player Fonzie [YouTube]
As TV Shows Ace previously reported, there was also a contestant named Sonia who would slow down the game show. It took her a long time to guess the puzzle. She also had trouble deciding whether to spin or buy a letter. Even Wheel of Fortune fans called her out on Twitter.

What are your thoughts on Pat Sajak testing Fonzie’s psychic abilities? Did you believe that he was a psychic? Do you think it would’ve advanced him in the game? Sound off below in the comment section.

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