Jacob Rapini Addresses Jill Chin Split In Heartfelt Message

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Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 alum Jacob Rapini broke his silence on his split from Jill Chin in a heartfelt message. The message comes following Jill’s announcement that they didn’t work out shortly after the BIP finale and reunion aired. She mentioned in her side of the story that they had no trust and no communication. She didn’t elaborate on what exactly happened. Now, Jacob is speaking out and praising Jill. Keep reading to find out more.

Jacob Rapini takes responsibility for Jill Chin split

BIP Jacob Rapini is sharing his feelings after Jill Chin shared that their relationship was over. According to Jill, the breakup happened right after Jacob’s hard launch on Instagram.

Jacob shared photos of himself and of Jill along with sharing a heartfelt message. He took full responsibility for the problems they had in their short-lived time together.

Jacob said, “You were the right person at the wrong time. You gave 100% while I gave 80. You pushed me to look for quality work, change my schedule, and focus on my family instead of hollow relationships. You asked for better communication while I was lacking. You showed up when I didn’t. Trust was lost.”

He went on to say that distance was a big factor but not the main reason. He said being 2,000 miles apart was difficult but it was his lack of commitment that became the real issue. Jacob thanked her for making him realize this.

He also talked about his grand gesture at the reunion. They both admit they had begun talking again about three weeks prior to the reunion taping. He wanted to have a glorious moment for her to undo the hurt he caused her in Mexico.

Jacob wrapped up by saying, “But it isn’t about the big moments. It’s about the little things. I wasn’t there to give you my whole heart because of my insecurities. I have a lot of refinement to do before I can mentally and spiritually be there. You deserve to be loved. Right now, I deserve to be alone. Jill, good luck on your journey angel🖤”

Their time together

Jill and Jacob had a great time together in Mexico. They even shared a naked date, both getting outside of their comfort zones. It seemed like they were a good fit. However, things went south quickly for them when temptation got a hold of Jacob.

Ultimately, Jill was left alone and decided to leave the beach. Jacob reached out to Jill post-show. They decided to talk and give it another go. She wanted to keep it private while he decided to take it public at the reunion.

Unfortunately, things didn’t last long and within a week after the reunion, they were pretty much done.

Do you think they could end up back together someday?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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