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‘DWTS’ Finally Giving Fans What They Really Want For Season 32?

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DWTS Season 31 is over, but many fans are looking forward to Season 32. Every year, the executive team makes a few major changes to the show to keep things new and exciting.

Ahead of DWTS Season 31, the exec team announced that the show would move to Disney+. They also added Alfonso Ribeiro to the cast and included a huge cast of 16 contestants.

It’s still really early to be discussing Season 32, but it seems like the executive team is already tossing around some ideas. Is it possible they’re really going to listen to fans next year?

DWTS fans still aren’t keen on Tyra Banks as hostess

Rumor has it that a lot of the changes have to do with Tyra Banks’ role. This year she seemed to get under everyone’s skin, including head judge Len Goodman.

“Tyra has had struggles warming up to the team, contestants and certainly the audience,” a source reportedly told The Sun. “There seems to be a disconnect again with viewers which always raises concerns. We still get emails and comments about her performance and it is upsetting. The team works extraordinarily hard to deliver the best series every year, but the main focus of fans’ upset is the host.”

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Of course, this is a conversation that seems to happen every year. Tyra Banks has been the show’s hostess since Season 29. She wasn’t popular with fans when she first took over the role and she’s not doing any better two seasons later.

Many fans sincerely thought DWTS might part ways with Tyra ahead of the move to Disney+, but that didn’t happen either. Many agree that it would be nice if the show’s executive team listened to the fans’ wishes for once.

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The source also reported that many other moves are being discussed at the moment. For example, many viewers expressed a desire to have the show back on ABC. Based on the information currently available, it seems likely that Season 32 will also be on Disney+. But there are still a lot of unknowns at the moment. More information will likely be available next summer before the new season kicks off.

What would you like to see from Dancing With The Stars Season 32? Leave your ideas in the comments.

There will at least be some adjustments to the cast

Right now, all fans can be certain of is that there will be some casting changes. Len Goodman announced his retirement, leaving an empty spot at the judges’ table. Cheryl Burke also retired from her role as a pro dancer, but she said she would love to have Len’s old spot. Whether the exec team decides to give it to her is still unknown at this moment.

Stay tuned for the latest Dancing With The Stars news. There will be more updates to share as the 2023 tour approaches, so keep checking back for more!

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  1. I think it is the worst thing that ABC Has done to fans that cannot afford to pay to watch something that has been a part of their lives for 31 seasons. I for one have watched DWTS since the first episode and being retired and on a fixed income I was SO disappointed and upset when I found out that DWTS was moving to a paid station. It is a money grabbing company.that has ruined it for a lot of season watchers. I miss it terribly.

    1. You are exactly right. Watched the show from week one. I can’t afford a pay Chanel because we are on SS only. Cable is to high anyway with stupid channels we don’t watch.Bring back the original co-host Tom with one the women like Erin. Classy all the way. I likes profession dancers from the first years too. They could even be a judge.

    2. I hope they go back to letting you call in 10 times to vote instead of texting I Don’t know how to Tex sms that well they should make it fair both ways and the texting vote isn’t fair to the people who don’t have that kind of phone but still keep that you vote 10 times on line And I would also love for Shasha to finally take home the throphy please give him some one good Like Meaghan trainer or. Paris Hilton or Lindsay Logan or Tori spelling. I love it Lindsay androld came back to give her some one really good like lendandoro depdico or. James Franco or some one from dinsey emma. Give her some one like. Tom cruise or Whitney give her some one like zac eforn and if mark ballas did come back to season 32 give him some one like tAylor swift I would love if derek hough were a pro again. Give him a really good one like a ice skater champion or a gymnast person

  2. YES Replace Tyra and return to ABC 😳
    Show is about dancing and not how the host dresses..
    Most of us long time watchers only use cable

  3. So you’re adding a turd to a pile of crap and expecting to smell like roses? Dump Tyra and send Jr back to the other show he’s running down the tubes.

  4. I really missed watching the show this year. Our cable bill is so high now we can’t afford to add Disney to our lineup. Please put it back back on ABC. Please take Tyra off the show. It’s never been the same since she’s been on there. That’s really sad that we can’t watch and enjoy. Q

  5. For season 32 dwts if they do the same sex thing and if it the girls I like to see Lindsay androld and. The drag queen tv host that hosts that. Drag Green tv show Alan and. Ophra the tv host Atrem and Dolly Parton Sharna and Matthew perry peta and Jay Leno jenna and. James Franco’s Brandon and. Mary Kate olsen

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