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‘SW’ Janelle Brown Encouraged Christine To Stick It Out, Why?

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Janelle Brown is seemingly at the end of her rope with Kody. She wants to build on Coyote Pass and finally have her own piece of property. Essentially, what is keeping her around is the fact that she owns absolutely nothing. She may be quite business savvy and a hard worker but this was where she dropped the ball. Fans want her to follow suit and leave like her former sister wife, Christine did. Gain some self-respect and exit the plural marriage. Yet, does she and Christine have something in common? Read on for more details.

Janelle Brown Encouraged Christine To Stick It Out, Why?

When Christine left Kody and the plural family, she had a successful career. Plus, her Flagstaff home was in her name despite the family money helping to fund it. She made those mortgage payments every month so she believed she was entitled to the funds from the sale of the home to start her new life in Utah. Her sister wife, Janelle agreed as Christine opted to give up her stake in the Coyote Pass land. She believed that the equity she was handing over in her lot was equal to what she would get from her home.

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Though it seemed that Christine had thought about leaving for Kody some time, as it turns out, Janelle had offered her advice about staying. Christine shared an interaction between her and Janelle on the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast, according to People. “I asked when we were in Vegas, and I was just done in Vegas. I remember asking her, I’m like, ‘I need to leave. I need to leave. I don’t even want to be married to Kody anymore. I can’t,'” the mother of six recalls.

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To that, Kody’s second wife offered up these words. “And she looked at me and she goes, ‘Until you can support yourself financially by yourself, you are not going to leave.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, God. All right then.'” Christine officially made the decision to leave Kody in early 2021. However, it was not announced until November 2021 right before the Season 16 premiere.

Fine On Her Own

Navigating the pandemic, both Christine and Janelle Brown really got to see what it was like to be single parents. They ultimately got into an MLM together which has been very profitable for them. It even includes their daughters Maddie and Mykelti. More so, they have become more that sister wives but best friends. Even after Christine moved, the two make a concerted effort to get together and go on adventures with their children. Now, Janelle just needs to take her own advice so she can free herself from Kody, as well.

Do you think she gave Christine good advice? Is it time she follows it and makes her exit? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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  1. janelle to i hope moved on and her and savanah are both doing well.Janelle has beeñ out there on her own and supported all her kids alone at one and should go at it again! let meri figure it out on her own. bye felicia

    1. Janelle will use her common sense to weigh out what’s best for children and herself. Janelle is level headed, mature, and very capable. She must be getting tired of this 3 ring circus. I am sure she realizes she’s being used for only what she can provide for the family that Kody does not. Kody is punishing any family member that does not give him what HE wants. Janelle clearly can see when she is being manipulated.

  2. And that was excellent advice that Jenelle gave to Christine. A person has to know how to support themselves and their kids to live independently. Janelle, you already know how to do that. You know the ins and outs of finance.

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