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‘Sister Wives’ See How Kody & Meri Brown Have Same HUGE Ego

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Sister Wives stars Kody and Meri Brown have always acted better than everyone. Particularly Kody who many fans have deemed a narcissist. He treats Robyn and her five children better than the others. Furthermore, he makes his own rules to suit his needs such as officiating his friend’s wedding out of town. Yet, he could not take the time to attend his daughter, Ysabel’s drastic scoliosis surgery. This broke her heart. Fans have even started to call Meri out on her growing ego, especially after she charged thousands of dollars for a retreat at her B&B. Now it appears that both she and Kody’s egos have outgrown the other members of their family. Read on for more details.

See How Kody & Meri Brown Have The Same HUGE Ego

Kody and Meri may not be together in a marital sense. However, they do have something in common. They absolutely think that people love them and that’s people as in fans. Cameo is a popular forum where celebs from all genres can be requested to send messages for a monetary price. There is the base price to send a quick message to family and friends and then the business price. Due to the popularity of Sister Wives, many of the Browns have joined.

Sister Wives/Cameo

Kody has embraced being on Cameo and goes wild when he gets a request. Yet, upon further research, it appears that there is something that separates Kody and Meri from the rest of the family who is on the platform. They actually cost the most. Currently, Meri charges $150 while her husband charges $99+. As for Christine, she only charges $40 while Janelle charges $35. Then there are the kids. Christine’s daughter, Mykelti is on there along with her brother, Paedon.

Sister Wives/Cameo

They are not expensive whatsoever. Both are currently $10 which is extremely manageable for any SW fan who just wants an inexpensive “hello” from someone on the show. Yet, for Meri and Kody to think that they can charge such exorbitant fees further proves how highly they think of themselves.

Should The Others Charge More?

Christine and Janelle continue to show how humble they are by keeping prices low. However, fans adore Christine and how brave she has been for leaving Kody and the plural family. Therefore, she could technically charge more if she chose. Meri Brown has already proven she is not worth the money when she threw her retreat at her B&B. Apparently, she could not fill the rooms as people did not want to spend thousands of dollars to stay near the property. So, she had to think outside of the box. Finally, Kody is so hated that viewers are leaving horrid comments about him on his social media. Keep in mind, he has not posted there in over a year.

Do you think Meri and Kody are getting too big for their britches? Would you pay that much for a Cameo from them? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.



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  1. What can you say about Kody his is an ass and everybody knows it. Meri is desperate for money so she can give it to Kody and Robin so she can stay home n good graces and continue to hold on to something that doesn’t exist. As far as her retreat she charged $4000-&6500 that didn’t include airfare or transport to the bb. She is pathetic and is holding on for dear life.

    1. Who the heck is Meri? wasn’t she in an online romance. well she already left the family when she engaged in this behavior, she thought it was a man. Christine left because Kodys priorities are with Robin and Robin only! she didn’t leave because of another man. Hear that Meri? How she thinks it’s ok to go outside of the ” marriage “. And Kody… well he is selfish condescending narcissist self centered drama queen. He is a total piece of work. get together before Christine left he says her leaving was like A knife in my back ….animated. worried Christine would get a boyfriend and he would take all of her money. None of his business what she does with her money. Remember he wanted Christine to give him the money from HER equity in HER home. WTH. Now Kody tells Janelle they haven’t been acting like husband and wife for a long time. Meri—out but hanging on to something that isn’t there except Kody taking her money. to help with his family, Robyn’s. Robyn remember she acted very very little but enough to fool everyone. The move to Arizona was because Robyn’s boy was going to college there. covid protocols was made up by robyn to keep everyone else away and keep him to herself. He acted like a dictator and a total a¥s. Christine and Janelle añd their kids are better off without them. bless Christine and Janelle and their kids. I hope Janelle sells her property in cyote pass and move to Utah with Christine.

  2. Robyn is sure , moving the first three wives out of the way. Do you notice how she talks to Meri about the other wives to get the dirt on them? She treats Meri ok for now, but Meris’s time will be coming soon. Once Robyn gets rid of Janelle, Meri will be next to slide out of the picture. I really don’t like Robyn, She comes across as sneaky to me. And with everything that happens in the family Robyn finds a way to make it about her. I hand it to the 3 original wives, I would be on her like maple syrup on hotcakes. Kody is lucky there was 1 woman that wanted him. he’s a jerk.

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