‘Sister Wives’: How Close In Age Are Truely & Solomon Brown?

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Sister Wives fans are understandably confused. It seems that Truely and Solomon Brown have a significant age gap. After all, Kody made a big deal about getting back to the younger kids. That meant his two children with his fourth wife, Solomon, and Ariella. However, he also has a young child with his now ex-wife, Christine. Truely was still quite young prior to her and Christine moving from Flagstaff to Utah. So, just how much of an age gap is there between Truely and Solomon, who is Kody’s oldest biological child with Robyn? Read on for the answer.

Sister Wives: How Close In Age Are Truely & Solomon Brown?

Kody appears to put his younger children with Robyn ahead of his other child. In reality, he had a young child with Christine, as well. This was why his former third wife thought it was laughable when he wanted 50/50 custody of Truely. He never seemed to care when she was still around in Flagstaff so why would he care when she was gone? Kody’s youngest daughter with Robyn, Ariella is going to be seven in January 2023.

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Solomon was the first child Kody and Robyn had together after they wed in 2010, which was the same year that Christine was pregnant with Truely. So, that would make them pretty close in age, correct? Fans took to Reddit to discuss the relationship he has with Robyn’s children and why he is closer to them. Plus, they wanted to hash out the age difference. The general consensus is that he picks which kids he likes based on the wives. “He loves the children based on how he feels about their mother. He loves Robyn, therefore he loves her kids… Christine and her kids, not so much,” one person wrote.

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Another noted how Kody actually thought Truely was younger than she actually was. The same thing happened with her older sister, Ysabel. One Redditor had this to say: “Truly was only like less than a year older than Solomon. At one point truly weighed less than him. Truly went through kidney problems that almost killed her. But no Solomon is special because he’s one of Robyn’s kids the only ones he’s loves.” So, this brings up the ultimate question as to how close in age are they.

Irish Twins?

This term alludes to the idea that Truely and Solomon would have been born a year or less apart. Sister Wives fans watched both births. Truely was born on April 13, 2010, according to People. Christine shouted out her youngest on social media when she turned twelve this year as did some of her siblings. So, when was Solomon born? He arrived Earthside on October 26, 2011, so there is about a year and a half between the two.

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That is not that much of a gap so Truely and Sol should have been cared for by Kody in the exact same way. Yet, Robyn is always being called out for coddling her children whereas Christine raised super independent kids. So, even though Truely deserved to have Kody around, Christine more than made up for it.

So, now the mystery has been solved. Are you surprised at all at how close in age the two are? Or did you think they were actually closer? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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