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Duggar Fans Fear For Evelyn Forsyth’s Safety

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Duggar fans are fearing for two-year-old Evelyn Forsyth’s safety after seeing a recent video of her. Austin and Joy Forsyth gave fans a peek into their lives in their latest YouTube video. Some of the footage they included involved some potentially dangerous activities. So, what were Joy and Evelyn doing that has fans so fearful for the little girl’s safety? Keep reading for all of the details.

If you follow Joy on social media, you may know that she’s been under fire for her previous parenting decisions. Fans often question the way she raises two-year-old Evelyn and four-year-old Gideon. She’s let her kids go barefoot at a construction site and her husband has kept a gun on the kitchen table within their kids’ reach. There have been many other instances that have left fans worried too.

Joy Forsyth- YouTube - Evelyn Forsyth

Joy & Evelyn Forsyth engage in a dangerous activity.

Once again, fans are fearing for Evelyn’s safety. On Friday, Joy and Austin uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel. At one point in the video, Joy and Evelyn Forsyth go for a ride on a four-wheeler. Joy and Evelyn aren’t wearing helmets or any other protective gear as they ride the four-wheeler around the rough terrain Austin’s parents’ property. It’s also worth noting that Joy is pregnant and due to have her baby in the spring.

Below, you can check out a couple of photos from the new video.

Joy Forsyth- YouTube

In this video, nothing bad happened to Joy and Evelyn Forsyth. But fans are disappointed that Joy would even take this risk.

Duggar fans fear for the little girl’s safety.

After watching Joy’s new video, Duggar fans and critics took to Reddit to discuss it. As TV Shows Ace reported, many fans were horrified by the fact that Joy was riding the four-wheeler while pregnant and not wearing any protective gear. And many others are upset that she would put her two-year-old daughter’s safety in danger as well.

Someone commented, “It’s one thing if Joy as an adult chose not to take safety precautions take that risk. But when you involve children that’s where it crosses the line for me.”

One Reddit user said, “I can’t understand it! For people who claim that children are such blessings they sure seem to be very willing to send them to God early.”

Another chimed in, “I really don’t understand why some people make horrific choices for their children, at this point it’s neglect on her end.”

Someone else called this situation “so unnecessarily dangerous.”

So, what do you think of Evelyn Forsyth riding on a four-wheeler without a helmet? Do you agree with the Duggar fans who are fearing for her safety? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more updates about the Forsyths. You can watch Joy Forsyth’s new video below.

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  1. New here. Maybe shes teaching the child safty thru her eyes. Having no helmet is not unsafe if shes teaching slower and look where your going. Yes accidents can happen. People can get hurt just as bad w one as without. No shoes is great for kids to learn. Sensory issues? Walk a 2×4, rock fence, in a lake. Im sure the kids are learning more about there suroundings then w shoes on. Id be more consernd about the religion teaching them that an olderchild/ or member of the church can hurt them over and over and they just have to get over it or move on. Shhhh. Keep it a secret. Please.

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