Al Roker’s Health Condition Uncertain, Wife Asks For Prayers

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Al Roker’s wife is turning to prayers and leaning heavily on her faith after her husband was rushed back to the hospital shortly after his release. As those who love The Today Show anchor know, he was forced to miss the Macy’s Day Parade because of his ongoing health issues and struggles with blood clots. Sadly, he also missed the Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting for the same reason.

News recently broke that within 24 hours of his release from the hospital, he was rushed back via ambulance. It was reported that things looked grim for him when he first arrived at the hospital. Sources, however, claimed he appeared to be doing a bit better after getting some treatment.

His wife gave the internet hope by showing them as he watched the Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting from his hospital room. His 24-year-old daughter, however, gave fans cause for concern as her father’s failing health was causing her to struggle emotionally.

Al Roker With Family [Deborah Roberts | Instagram]
[Deborah Roberts | Instagram]
Sadly, there hasn’t been much of an update on how Al Roker is doing following his hospitalization. But, his wife did let everyone know she was praying for a speedy recovery for her husband.

The Internet joins Al Roker’s wife in prayers

Al Roker has been trending on Twitter for weeks. As TvShowsAce previously reported, there was a concerning period of time when a rumor swirled that the news anchor had actually passed away. The rumor caught some traction causing “Al Roker dead” to trend on the social media platform.

Al Roker - Instagram
Deborah Roberts – Instagram

Rushing to the comments of her most recent Instagram post, fans of Al Roker poured in with prayers and kind words for his wife and family. Here’s what some of the uplifting comments said:

  • “thinking of Al and sending healing thoughts and good wishes your way.”
  • “You, your husband and your family are a wonderful example of light in this world. I’m praying for healing and full health to be restored.”
  • “Drives out the darkness. The light cannot be overcome by any darkness. May you feel His love all around you both!”
  • “Holding Al very close in my thoughts and prayers to feel better. He is missed and loved by so many. May you also feel the outpouring of love and prayers for his recovery and May this strengthen and comfort you.”

Fans of The Today Show continue to stand behind Deborah Robers during this difficult time as her husband fights to survive.

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