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‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Call Out Painfully Slow Contestant

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Wheel of Fortune fans called out a painfully slow contestant. Even host Pat Sajak admitted he need to have a seat. It’s uncommon for the game show host who’s used to standing for several hours at a time while filming the classic game show. They tape about fix or six episodes in a day.

Each of these broadcasts has to fill in the 30-minute timeslot. The players have to be quick on their feet when guessing the puzzles. Every round is timed to keep the show going. However, there are some contestants who can slow down the game. Read on to learn more.

Pat Sajak [YouTube]

Pat Sajak’s mouth drops as he sits down

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak told everyone that he “needed a minute.” In the latest broadcast of the popular game show, Sonia took forever to solve the puzzle. She would pick up every letter before solving it. This made the game feel longer than ever. During one round, she asked for every vowel in the category for “Same Name.”

The puzzle revealed the clue: “Love and ejection seat.” The puzzle only had the letters “C” and  “J” missing. Then the message “No more vowels” flashed across the screen. Pat told Sonia that all of the vowels were gone.

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He asked her if she wanted to spin the wheel or solve the puzzle. Sonia wanted to keep going even though it looked like it was easy to solve. She asked to buy a “C,” which caused Pat to take a break. Sonia still didn’t want to solve the puzzle and then chose “J.”

The entire puzzle was in front of her eyes. “Yes,” Pat said before raising his voice: “Now would you do us a favor and read what’s up there please?!” Sonia correctly guessed the puzzle, which caused the dramatic host to sit down. His jaw dropped as he sat on the floor behind the podium.

Wheel of Fortune Player Sonia [YouTube]

Wheel of Fortune fans slam Sonia’s slow moves

Wheel of Fortune fans wasn’t impressed with Sonia either. They usually disagree with whatever Pat says to the contestants. However, they felt that she was slowing the game down. Pat was in such shock that he had the contestants move the game show into the next round.

Meanwhile, the fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts. They called out the painfully slow contestant who had a hard time making decisions. Wheel of Fortune fans noticed how long it took Sonia to solve a simple puzzle.

  • “Omg tonight’s show soooo painful to watch. Sonia do you have clue where you are???”
  • “Sonia would have legit kept calling vowels had Pat not stopped her.”
  • “He squatted down far too long behind that counter and he actually looked scared!”

Surprisingly, Sonia made it to the bonus round. She didn’t win the $40K bonus card. Instead, she walked away with $35K. Fans are still shaking their heads over that show and so is Pat Sajak.

What are your thoughts on Wheel of Fortune fans calling out the painfully slow player? Do you agree with them? Is Sonia the slowest contestant on the game show? Sound off below in the comment section.

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