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‘Sister Wives’: Breakdown Of Brown Family’s Struggling Finances

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Sister Wives has heavily revolved around money since the beginning. How they were able to support such a large family plus have the essentials. Then, the older daughters started to get married and it was expected that Kody Brown and his wives would help foot the bill. He quickly realized he had a lot of weddings to pay for as time went by.

Then there were the homes in Las Vegas that would not sell upon the familial decision to move to Flagstaff. Now, the family is in a real pickle as they bought land, Coyote Pass, and have dreams of building on five lots. However, they cannot do this until they pay it off. So, how did they get into such a bind? Here is a breakdown of the Brown family’s struggling finances.

Sister Wives: Breakdown Of Brown Family’s Struggling Finances

Not only has the plural family struggled with marital issues over the last seventeen seasons, but finances have also been an issue. This season, Janelle is desperate to build a home on Coyote Pass. She wants something to call her own as both Christine and Robyn own(ed) their own house. Yet, she always rented in Flagstaff. Unfortunately, Kody alleges they do not have the funds to pay off the land while Janelle knows exactly what they have in the bank.

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With all of these constant monetary issues, fans are wondering why they cannot thrive so they started a Reddit thread. “Why are finances such a problem for this family, outside the obvious of having a boatload of children? Shouldn’t a show as successful as this generate enough money for the family to live comfortably?” it began. Then, the OP wondered if the financial issues were just for theatrics.

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Another added that the family had been in a hole due to fourth wife Robyn who came in with a slew of debt. Plus, it is questionable how much Kody makes selling guns. At the same time, Robyn does not work yet has a nanny. “They’re not the best with finances and also paying for 4 separate homes plus the land that they’re unlikely to actually build on,” someone noted.

Still In The Hole?

Sister Wives fans had much more to add as to why the Browns are struggling financially. “Because they moved like 5 times and make terrible financial decisions. I.e. they are idiots,” a Redditor shared. It was also pointed out that the family took a pay cut a handful of seasons back in order to stay on the air. Finally, there was this: “Kody does not appear to manage money well and is a bit impulsive. Robyn has mentioned she enjoys the finer things in life and that money should be spent. :: eye roll ::”

In the end, it is Meri, Janelle, and formerly Christine who kept the family afloat. They ended up working in successful MLMs while Meri has a well-established B&B. Now, with Christine gone and Robyn not contributing, is there any wonder why they have money troubles?

Why do you think the Brown family has financial problems? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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    1. I watched this show a couple of season’s just to see how plural marriages work. Immediately, I recognized just what Kody was. The only cast on this show that I have sympathy for are the children.

    2. It’s obvious he is only into Robyn. I think he keeps the others around to support him and Robyn. I have never seen such a selfish man and Robyn who claims to love her sisters, take advantage of the others

    1. The 3 women that do the lion’s share of making the income and caring for the family are Christine, Janelle and Meri. Kody are both manipulative, selfish and entitled. Kody looks at women and children as followers to worship and obey him. They are possessions. All of these kids are absent a mature, stable Father figure. I hope they can learn from the mistakes of their parents. Christine is paving the way to demonstrate how to make your way in life and have a chance to live a life with peace and companionship by setting boundaries and refusing to be used. Kody will never get it. Too self centered. Janelle is level headed, self reliant, nature and intelligent. I hope she makes the move to drop this 3 ring circus.

  1. The most basic concept in money management is that you can only spend the same money once…and you have to have it before you can spend it.
    Clearly, nobody explained those truths to these idiots, so they keep digging themselves into financial holes.
    I seem to recall that Janelle worked as an accountant during the early seasons – I’m surprised that she’s let it get to this point, and that she hasn’t safeguarded her own financial position before now.

    The Brown family’s money problems are not because they have so many kids…as far as I can tell, all but Savannah, Briana, Truely, Solomon and Ariella are adults at this point.

    The fact that the only “wife” who doesn’t work is also the only “wife” who’s ever had a nanny – and the same “wife” has the most expensive home, with no financial contribution on her part – sorta shines a light on the problem.

    1. Very true. What hold does this idiot have on Meri a doormat of a woman. No self respect. All he cares about is Robyn and her kids. Christine is a star and a strong woman who had the sense to get out.

        1. I totally agree that Kody is only into Robyn and not the others. They all should leave him. He’s so struck on himself till he can’t see straight. He always thinks he’s the only one that’s right. I’ve always been a believer that you should only have one spice, so this is not against the law for them❓I don’t feel sorry for any of them, especially him. I do feel sorry for the kids. Wake up, this is baligamy‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️.

  2. Robyn spun her web ! Kody deserted his family for her and her children. Kody and Robin have totally used the family . Why does Robyn need a nanny ? Kody been using his other wives to give Robyn what she wants. DISGUSTING SELF CENTERED BOTH OF THEM

  3. I feel Kody is selfish him and Robbin are liveing high on the hog he just don’t want to take money from him and Robbin Janel desirves to have the money for a home and meri should walk out on abusive Kody

  4. All the way back in season 4,aka the Las Vegas years, Robin was the one who had bad credit Example, credit card debt,three different last names, her sobbing at that time was, oh I was a newly divorced single mother with 3 kids. Apparently her former home state of Montana doesn’t require fathers to pay child support, as she claimed she worked 2 jobs and lived in a trailer with no heat, barely able to keep the electric on and feed her kids, after having lived at her mother’s home for 9 months after leaving her first husband. she has always had someone helping her with her kids since she joined the family, claiming that she works, the only work she was seen doing was setting up an online retail shop for jewelry, not sure how that requires needing help with 3 kids in school and an under 2 year old ,but hey I raised 2 and worked 40 hours outside the home every week, never had the luxury of a nanny. Now she has 3 grown children, 2 school age children and still has need for a nanny. I personally think TLC should cancel Sister Wives, and refocus on Christine and Janelle moving on.

  5. Kody has spent so much money doing want he wants.Travelling all the time .paying for the plans for the one house .
    As for his so called dancing his a know.
    He wouldn’t last 5 mins with me

  6. I don’t believe in this so called marriages its all- about Him he was enough wives for sex 7 days aweek nothing today with love just last get out ladies

  7. Yes it is Robin’s fault too she can’t even raise 2 children she had a nanny in AZ and now she doesn’t work,her lazy ass gets every thing she wants.her grown ass kids still at home all other adults are out on their own but not Robin’s so family are still paying for them not kody and robin.

  8. they just keep making major mistakes. that trailer that janell bought is outrageously expensive and she cant live in it in the winter. Then they needed a truck to pull it. why are they all living in huge expensive homes ? Why isnt Cody working ? Why doesnt Robyn contribute in some way ? If the show ends so does their paycheck. All these years the show is supporting them and they are still in debt. Who’s in charge of where the money goes? What a mess in a family that no one likes each other. you would have to be messed up to sit in that situation.

  9. Hopefully each wife will get their share when they leave. The worked to help support the family so they should get their share! Kody should be kick off the show. I quit watching it because of him and how he treats his wife s(except Robyn). Have a sister wife show with out him

  10. Both Kody and Sobyn have something up their sleeve. They like having the biggest and best and they want the other ladies to pay for it and not expect anything in return. Sobyn needs to get a job so she can keep living the life she has become accustomed to. That’s a Lol thought, she’s crying real tears now cuz she might actually have to downsize her lifestyle!! That’s what we all want to see so TLC, make that happen please!!!!

  11. My personal opinion….why do we have to have such elaborate homes? I mean for Pete’s sake….this crybaby crap that Robyn did all for a home that she hasn’t helped to pay for. My gosh, look at all the homeless pepple and lower class and working middle class, that settle for what they can afford. All of them, even the kids, drive pretty nice vehicles…all the expensive vacations they’ve taken in the past. It all speaks irresponsibility of money. Try downsizing your dang homes and material things and take care of your own kids instead of paying for a nanny. Meri does not need a huge home which when, with her daughter living with her at one time, was ridiculous. If she paid for it, that’s better. At least she contributed. However, she is now a single person living in a huge expensive house. Ridiculous. I could go on and on but most of you already know the ignorance of some of this stuff. I started watching this show to learn about their way of life and was quickly sacked in. It was like a soap addiction. I still enjoy the show but these women are getting what they allow from Kody. No way around it, he wants his cake and to eat it too. Notice how the kids all want monogamous relationships? That speaks volumes.

  12. Janelle and Christine need to get together and file a law suit against Kody and the sobbing manipulator for their portions of the Flagstaff land, for their portion of the home sobby resides in and any portion of liquid funds!!! Meri is lost, Kody has told her to move on. Kody is disgusting no idea what anyone saw in him

  13. maybe the reason Kody is so pissed off about Christine leaving is because she’s taking her income with her. he and Robin are both angry. and then too maybe they worry that her leaving lessons the chance that their show will be renewed. and he was so worried about Janelle’s loyalty. probably worried she would follow Christine lead. which I think she did if what her kids say is true. and Robin might be worried that Kody will want to take on some new younger wives to replace them. that’s what I think. excuse my Grammer, I was in a hurry

  14. I LOVE the fact that Christine has left… not only because she always seems so upbeat and sunny, loving towards ALL the children (especially Janelle’s gang, and Meriah, Meri’s daughter)- but also because Kody FINALLY admitted that he’s unsure about polygamy.
    I have mixed feelings about Meri. Ever since she lived in Vegas she needed a house that was equal in size to her sisterwives, although she only had one child (who was almost college-aged) and a couple dogs. Why does she need a 5-bedroom home? Just because everyone else had one? And now she’s still living in a gigantic home with NO kids at home. I don’t get it. But I also feel terrible about Kody saying there’s no chance he’ll ever be in a “real” marriage with her, yet she sticks around, hoping they’ll reunite.
    Janelle is also a super star… the way she bit her tongue while Kody told her to be more like Robyn, to blindly follow Kody’s demands and make sure her older kids also toe the line… her ability to not react immediately and tell him to STFU at the restaurant was impressive. I loved the way producers kept cutting to her TH segment on the couch and her saying how she truly felt was great.
    I’ve never really liked Robyn, but this week’s episode was PAINFUL. Her b!thing about the wait time at the ER, telling Kody she was “wasting away” while waiting for a room, that she was certain she’d die… lookit, I’ve had COVID twice even with the vax. The first time I waited about 8 hours to get a bed, and during triage my heart rate was near 200bpm, my O2 was around 88, and my BP was over 250/150. I also had an EKG immediately, hooked up to an IV, and supplemental oxygen with a vanilla and oxygen tank, and sent back to the waiting room. Every hour they’d retake my vitals and repeat the EKG. After about 2 hours they wheeled me in a chair and set me in the HALLWAY for nebulizer treatments. At the 8 or 9 hour point, the doctor told me I kept getting bumped out of room assignments because REAL emergencies were coming in every time a bed opened. He asked me if he could give me another breathing treatment, a prescription for hydrocodone syrup to control my terrible cough and for body aches, Zofran for the nausea (I was throwing up constantly), an inhaler and send me home to rest more comfortably. Not ONCE did I over exaggerate and say I felt like I was DYING… I’ve had family members pass away because of COVID complications. This was Feb 2022. I got it AGAIN in June, and only went to the ER because I had overwhelming nausea and couldn’t keep down fluids. I had the high vitals again, but got a bed right away. they hooked up an IV, did nebulizers, gave me IV Zofran, and after the nausea subsided and I could drink water and keep it down, I said I was good to go home and open a bed.
    Sorry for the rant, but I was SCREAMING at my TV while watching Sobyn… especially after seeing her daughters crying because they thought she was going to die.
    But anyway, Robyn’s house is now valued at like 1.2 million now… why don’t they sell it and start building on Coyote Pass? Live in an apartment for a few months like most Americans, help enable your 3 adult children to actually grow up and move out… rent a 3 bedroom apartment or condo! And lordy Meri, get a one or two bedroom apartment yourself, and use that money for funding the new builds.

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