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Jade Roper Tolbert Reveals ‘BIP’ Behind The Scenes Details

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Bachelor in Paradise really works for couples like Jade Roper Tolbert and her husband Tanner Tolbert. The couple met on BIP and got engaged, now they are a family of five still going strong. Despite seeing season after season, fans still love hearing about what goes on behind the scenes. Jade continues to be a favorite of Bachelor Nation with over a million followers on Instagram where she shares their lives.

Jade was happy to share on her Instagram and answer fans’ questions. Especially after the latest unpredictable season with twists and lots of drama, fans were keener than ever to ask about what truly goes on when the contestants are not on camera. Read on to see what Jade said.

Jade Roper Tolbert Loved The Bonfires

According to Bachelor Nation, a fan asked Jade if they just laid about when they weren’t going on one-on-ones. She said that was the case, but they had fun with the bonfires. Jade said the nights were long and on her season no one really drank until dinner. She didn’t drink but a few times during filming. Jade was only on the second season before things transpired which caused them to implement a limit on the drinks one could consume by the hour.

Jade Roper Tolbert, Instagram
Jade Roper Tolbert, Instagram

Fans know there is a lot of working out on the beach. Mostly the boys work out, but some of the girls get in on it too. Jade said they spent time, “swimming, eating, lying around, playing games, and working out.” During this season when the girls were sent away, it seemed they drank a lot. This was especially true for Shanae Ankney and Genevieve Parisi who became friends and dance partners. The contestants are miked up when they are just hanging out, so some things they might say about each other are captured on camera while their guard is down. This also gives some of their comments the chance of being taken out of context, which producers love to do sometimes to keep the viewer guessing.

Fans Asked Her More Questions

Jade Roper Tolbert also got a question about building self-esteem. She said she’s listened to, “hypnotherapy tracks,” to help with just that. Tolbert also said she’s learned not to care about what others think of her. She said she’s still got hang-ups about not being, “good enough,” but not worrying about others’ opinions helps.

Jade Roper Tolbert, Instagram
Jade Roper Tolbert, Instagram

As we reported, Jade says communication is key to keeping her marriage alive. She has mentioned often she wants another baby, so fans think that could happen sooner than later. Read more about Jade and Tanner’s relationship here. What do you think the contestants do when they aren’t going on dates and attending rose ceremonies? How did you feel about this season? Comment with your thoughts below.

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