Al Roker’s Daughter Breaks Down As Dad Rushes Back To Hospital

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Al Roker’s 24-year-old daughter Leila shared a concerning post on her Instagram Story after news broke that her father was rushed back to the hospital via ambulance. As those who have been following this story know, The Today Show anchor was released from the hospital on Thanksgiving Day after being hospitalized for blot clots in both his legs and lungs. Sadly, it has since been learned that he was rushed back to the hospital just 24 hours after being released.

Al Roker’s daughter breaks down

After news that her father was rushed back to the hospital broke, Al Roker’s daughter Leila took to Instagram Stories to share she was feeling a bit emotional. She shared a selfie on her Stories that her 14K Instagram followers assumed was taken from inside of her father’s hospital room.

Al Roker Snaps Selfie At City Hall [Al Roker | Instagram]
[Al Roker | Instagram]
She penned in a caption on top of the selfie: “It’s giving mental breakdown chic.” 

In the photo, her hair was a bit messy and there didn’t appear to be an ounce of happiness on her face (which was to be expected considering her father’s condition). She also attached an upside-down smiley face emoji in the corner of her selfie. Sadly, her eyes also screamed of exhaustion as fans of Al Roker’s family could only assume neither his daughter nor his wife has been sleeping very well.

Check out the photo she shared on her Instagram Stories down below:

Al Roker Daughter

The 24-year-old ended up taking to her Instagram Stories again. This time, she wanted to thank all the love and support her family was receiving from the internet during this difficult time.

“Thank you to all the wonderful friends and family who have reached out. We really appreciate it,” she penned.

Has there been an update on his situation?

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much of an update on how Al Roker is doing. His wife, however, did reassure fans he watched the Rockerfeller Christmas tree lighting from his hospital room via a television high on the wall in his room.

Al Roker on the Today Show - YouTube/TODAY

What are your thoughts on the photo Al Roker’s daughter shared on her Instagram Stories? Do you understand why she would be struggling emotionally with her father back in the hospital? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest updates on Al Roker’s health.

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