Avatar: The Way Of Water YouTube James Cameron

Will James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ Get A TV Series Adaptation?

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James Cameron’s Avatar franchise might make its way to the small screen. The creator recently buzzed in on the possibility of an Avatar TV series but he did mention a condition for the adaptation to happen. With the franchise’s second movie, Avatar: The Way Of Water soon to release, Cameron discussed if the franchise could receive a TV adaptation. Keep reading to find out the details!

Avatar Is The Second-Highest Grossing Movie Of All Time

The 2009 Avatar movie had an official budget of $237 Million given its groundbreaking array of new visual effects. Although the critics weren’t happy about the story, the exceptional photorealism and the sci-fi epic feel made it the second-highest-grossing movie of all time.

Avatar: The Way Of Water YouTube James Cameron

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Given the heavy use of CGI, Cameron mentioned for the franchise to be adapted into a series, technology has to improve tenfold. He mentioned that a TV series will only happen if the A.I. is able to reproduce the same digital quality and cutting-edge CGI effects as the movie on a TV show’s budget.

When Will The Avatar TV Series Premiere?

However, fans might be disappointed to know that this won’t happen anytime soon. As per the creator’s estimation, this will be about ten years or more before the technology becomes apt enough.

Avatar: The Way Of Water YouTube James Cameron

[Source: YouTube]

He described, “The problem with these CG characters is that they’re so cost and labor-intensive that it really doesn’t work for TV. Now, come back in 10 years, with a lot of machine deep learning. Insert it into our pipeline, which we hope to do, over time. We might be able to get to a TV schedule, but it doesn’t interest me right now.”

When Does Avatar: The Way Of Water Release?

However, this doesn’t mean fans won’t get to see some epic stories by Cameron anytime soon. His latest Avatar movie, The Way Of Water will hit the theaters on December 16, thirteen years after the first movie happened. As the second movie mesmerizes viewers with its top-notch CGI, the Canadian filmmaker will be back at work. He already has a schedule ready for three more movies from the Avatar franchise as reported by ComicBook. Here are the expected release dates for the upcoming movies in the franchise:

  • Avatar 3– 2024
  • Avatar 4– 2026
  • Avatar 5– 2028

Avatar: The Way Of Water YouTube James Cameron

[Source: YouTube]

Given that the fifth movie in the franchise is almost 6 years away, this gives James enough time to plan a possible TV series. As the movie saga finishes, he can jump into creating some cool spinoff series with equally perfect CGI work. If the TV series does happen in the future, it would mark James’ debut as a TV director.

Do you think an Avatar TV series would be as good as the movie franchise? And would you be watching the series should it happen in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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