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‘Today’ Co-Host Eats Soap On-Air, Hoda Kotb Applauds?

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A Today co-host ate soap live on the air. Hoda Kotb applauded them while their fellow co-hosts looked on in shock. The incident took place during a segment on the morning show. Keep reading on to learn more.

Bizarre Today Show Christmas segment

Today Show correspondent Maggie Vespa talked about the classic holiday movie A Christmas Story. She admitted that she almost “poisoned” herself after taking part in a dare.

Eating soap used to be an old-fashioned punishment that’s now become a challenge on social media. Soap is not to be consumed. If a kid has soap in their mouth, it’s because they were naughty. Maggie reenacted the scene when Ralphie’s mother washed out his mouth with soap.

Today Show Talks A Christmas Story [Today | YouTube]
[Today | YouTube]
She reported live from the actual home that was featured on A Christmas Story. After the success of the 1983 movie, the house turned into a gift shop that sells exclusive merchandise like the Leg Lamp and the Lifebuoy Soap that Ralphie nearly swallowed. Maggie was up to the challenge.

She put one of the large bars of pink soap in her mouth. It even said “Oh fudge!” on it, which is what Ralphie said. Maggie then showed her teeth marks to the Today Show viewers at home. Her colleagues at the NYC headquarters couldn’t believe what they saw. At first, Hoda Kotb was the only one cheering Maggie on.

Maggie Vespa Holds Pink Soap Bar [Today | YouTube]
[Today | YouTube]
She asked if she put “a real bar of soap” in her mouth. Hoda wanted to see the teeth marks as proof. Maggie confessed that she put the soap in her mouth and tried to eat it, but she was regretful about her mistake. She said it tasted “disgusting” and added that she “may have poisoned myself.”

Hoda responded: “Good for you girl, you went all the way.” Jacob Soboroff joined Hoda in cheering Maggie on. He added: “Respect! I salute you.” Jacob has been filling in for Al Roker, who’s recovering from multiple blood clots in his legs and lungs.

Al Roker got excited about A Christmas Story

Long before his absence on Today, Al Roker got excited about A Christmas Story. During the “PopStart” segment, the co-hosts talked about the sequel in which Peter Billingsley returns as Ralphie. The adult man returns to the home on Cleveland Street where he celebrated the holiday with his family.

Ralphie’s goal is to give his own family the most memorable Christmas ever. Carson Daly talked about the new movie during the segment. Al interrupted him by shouting out a line from the film. Everyone looked at him in confusion, which made for an awkward live TV moment.

What are your thoughts on the Today co-host eating soap live on the air? Do you think it’s impressive? Or, do you think it’s gross? Sound off below in the comment section.

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