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Sobyn Robyn Brown Gives ‘SW’ Fans Secondhand Embarrassment

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Robyn Brown has sunk to a new low. She is now at a point where even Sister Wives fans are embarrassed for her. They struggle to watch her and the show when she comes onto the screen. Yet, what has led them to feel this way? Read on for more details.

Sobyn Robyn Brown Gives ‘SW’ Fans Secondhand Embarrassment

Dubbed “Sobyn” Robyn because she cries almost every episode, there has been a lot of disdain for Kody’s fourth wife. Recently, a short clip has resurfaced of the mother of five kicking a dog. This has made fans believe that she is the reason why Kody now has a hatred for animals and does not want more in their home. Now, a fan has taken to Reddit to share that Robyn has actually given them secondhand embarrassment just by watching her.

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The thread started: “Robyn is so dramatic it actually gives me second-hand embarrassment.” They went on to say she is cringe-worthy every time she shows up on TV due to her constant tears and exaggeration. More so, the OP feels Robyn’s dramatics have rubbed off on Kody. Another Redditor added: “I don’t like bringing the kids into it, but Robyn is literally creating mini her w/her oldest daughter. She seems so moody, fragile and bothered by everything.”

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Someone else chimed in with: “If she exaggerates to this degree for viewers, imagine the over the top version of events she gives Kody about her sister wives. I’m sure every encounter with any of the wives sends Robyn into a tizzy behind their backs.” Fans seemed to struggle the most when Robyn said that the collateral damage of Christine leaving with last for generations. That took it to another level.

What Is Her Motive?

When Robyn Brown first joined the family, she promised she would not cry. That proved to be a lie. Then, she bowed down to Kody’s every single need and this elevated her up on the totem pole. She took over as the obedient wife when Christine started to live for herself and the dreams she had. It is clear Robyn and her five kids are Kody’s priority but at what cost?

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He is now fighting with his second wife Janelle but she maintains that she will never be Robyn. Plus, Christine called Robyn out as the favorite and knew a big problem was their strained relationship. Yet it went much deeper. Still, Robyn only thought about what it was doing to her and her family and not how Christine had been feeling all along.

In the end, Robyn is making fans feel sad for her but not in a good way. What about you? Are you now feeling that sense of secondhand embarrassment for Robyn? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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    1. Amen! So over the faux tears and “knife to the kidney” drama! K & R just need to own up to being the reason(s) this family has fallen apart. Hoping to see the end of this 🎪 real soon!!!

  1. Robin and Kody are both Jokes. Will be glad when both are gone. I’ll be happy to watch Christine and Janelle move on. They will be interesting.

  2. Robyn and Kody deserve each other he should be with her only and forget the others as he is married to her on paper and the rest in God’s eyes only and maybe God is telling them that it’s not right any more.

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