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Real Reason Kody Brown Hasn‘t Started Building On Coyote Pass?

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown has been intentionally delaying building on Coyote Pass. Back in 2018, when the Browns packed up and moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, it seemed it was the entire family’s idea. However, it turns out, co-incidentally, Robyn’s son, Dayton Brown was also enrolled in a Flagstaff college. Recently, Christine’s daughter Gwendlyn also confirmed that the Flagstaff move was for him. So, is Dayton Brown the reason Kody hasn’t yet built on Coyote Pass? Apparently, fans think so. Keep reading to find out the details!

Kody Brown Originally Wanted To Live In One Large House

It has been four years since the big move and unfortunately, the Browns aren’t living together in Coyote Pass yet. Originally, Kody purchased the property with the intention of living in one large house with all his wives and his 18 children.

Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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All four of his wives quickly shot down the idea, each wishing for their own separate homes. With Christine Brown now off the deed, one would think Kody would fast-track the process.

Are Kody And Robyn Brown Helicopter Parents?

Yet, fans don’t think Kody ever intended to build on Coyote Pass. On Reddit, Sister Wives fans discussed the probability of the Browns moving again for Dayton. The OP wrote, “We know the Browns moved to Flagstaff because of Dayton going to school there. What happens if he graduates and gets a job in another state, do the Browns pack up and move again?”

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Another agreed, “Honestly, yes. It does make you wonder why they haven’t built yet. They keep saying they want to but their actions show that he absolutely doesn’t. Everything is for Robyn and their kids. Great helicopter parenting if they were monogamous but they were supposed to be polygamous and this isn’t that.”

Has Dayton Brown Moved From His Mother’s Flagstaff House?

In the past, fans have even claimed that Kody might keep the property till each of his wives except Robyn leaves. This will allow him to have the 5 lots for his 5 favorite kids with Robyn.

“I saw the picture of Dayton at a presentation at NAUs school for hotel management. If he gets a job with a major hotel corporation it will mean lots of relocation in his future. It would be a hoot for Robyn to follow him all over the US,” mentioned a third fan.

Dayton Brown YouTube Sister Wives

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Dayton Brown has been missing for most of Season 17. He was seen on camera on a few occasions when the family got together. Overall, he has been MIA and fans think the 22-year-old has moved out of his mother’s home and back in with his biological father. It still remains unconfirmed whether this has really happened or not.

Do you think Kody will ever build on Coyote Pass? Or will he ultimately sell it for a profit? Share your thoughts in the comments and do not forget to check back with TV Shows Ace for more on Sister Wives news.

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  1. Kody has been using the wives for income all along. They all work except Robin. I think he is upset over Christine leaving because of the income lost. They all put into the pot and Kody takes out as he pleases. They should do an audit and see who really benefits from this arrangement.
    I think Christine got a raw deal out of it. Is he going to sent child support?

    1. Exactly..Kody is not only verbally abusive but demands Respect & uses women. Hope Janelle leaves his Sorry Ass.
      Why they have allowed him to be manipulate them & controlling them is beyond me.
      He’s ugly on the outside as well as in the inside.

  2. I think they should have stayed in Las Vegas. It seems like everybody was happy there except Cody. I thought it was Cody that really wanted to move and so far, I haven’t seen any houses being built and doubt if there will be any. Right now, I think the show is rather boring. How about seeing something new.

    1. I’m ready for adventures with Christine and Janelle. I really like both of them. They have been treated like trash. Both are hard workers. I want to see both be successful.

  3. It always about Sobbing Robyn and her kids. Remember when they had to move before this house her oldest daughter had a panic attack and kody had to carry her to another room. But didn’t care enough to go with Isbell to have surgery, so many things could have happened to her (thank the Lord every thing went great) but he couldn’t leave Sobbing Robyn’s kids .Kody never going to put the other kids before hers. If they didn’t need Meri or Janelle for their money ,I believe he would get rid of them

  4. IMHO Kody was correct regarding building one huge home where the entire family lived. When the kids grew up and wanted to move away it would be their choice, however, Kody and all wives would live in the one house. Turns out the wives were the ones to put the kabosh to the only idea that could work considering all the wives’ personalities.

  5. I think since Christine is no longer a sister wife she shouldn’t be on the show and I think her and Janelle are spoiled brats grow up and be what you are suppose to be

    1. I agree with you. Everyone is deeply jealous of Robyn and their goal in life is to tear Robyn. What do they expect to gain, I would like to know!

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