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Matt Roloff & Caryn Chandler Break Down Over Sad News

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In the most recent episode of Little People, Big World, Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff crumble to tears as the family is hit with an unexpected tragedy. As TvShowsAce reported when the news originally broke, Matt Roloff was hit with a tragic loss at the very end of July 2022 when his father, Ronald James Roloff a.k.a. Papa, passed away at the age of 84. Matt Roloff took to Instagram the first week of August of this year to break the news to fans. Because of the small gap between reality and filming, the series has just caught up to when this unexpected death hit the Roloff family hard.

LPBW fans watch as Caryn and Matt Roloff crumble to tears

The most recent episode of Little People, Big World was hard for fans to watch as the series has finally caught up to the sudden and unexpected passing of Matt Roloff’s father. Sadly, fans watched as both Matt and his girlfriend Caryn broke down as they grieved the sudden passing of Ronald.

lpbw matt roloff - caryn chandler youtube
lpbw matt roloff – caryn chandler youtube

During a very emotional confessional, Matt Roloff opened up about losing his father: “Caryn and I were down in Arizona cause my dad was getting more and more ill.”

Matt Roloff became so choked up with emotion that he struggled to speak as Caryn sat beside him wiping tears away.

After putting up a very good fight for several weeks, he finally succumbed to his lung issues and he passed away peacefully.”

In a different scene, Matt Roloff sat down to have a discussion with Caryn. He admitted he was happy they left when they did so he could be with his father at the end of his fight. Matt Roloff admitted the end of his father’s fight was unpredictable and hard to watch. There were moments when he was sure his father was going to get up and walk out. Times when he was sure his father was fine. And, at times, he was terrified he was about to pass away.

Ron Matt Caryn TLC
Ron Matt Caryn TLC

Caryn Chandler agreed with her emotional boyfriend describing it as a “rollercoaster.”

Came at a difficult time for the family

Things aren’t exactly great for the Roloff family right now. As fans know, announcing his father’s death was the first time Matt had surfaced on Instagram since the Season Finale of the previous season of LPBW aired on television. Matt had received so much backlash because of the feud with Zach and his decision to put some of the property on the market, that fans speculated he just couldn’t show his face on social media out of shame.

Ron Roloff Matt TLC

All of Matt Roloff’s children (including the ones not still on the show) did mourn the passing of their grandfather in their own way. Some of his children with public social media profiles were more vocal about the passing than others.

Did you know Matt Roloff lost his father earlier this year?

Rest in peace, Ronald James Roloff a.k.a. Papa.

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  1. Rest in Peace Ron Roloff! Condolences to the family.
    I remember seeing him and his wife on the show, always loved their dispositions. Very sweet.

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