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Jeremy Roloff Leaves Instagram Scratching Heads In Confusion

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Jeremy Roloff regularly updates his social media, so fans are always watching for a new Story update or photo. However, his most recent update on Instagram had some people scratching their heads. Fans took to Reddit to discuss the odd Instagram Story post and what it means. Keep reading to see what had them so confused.

Jeremy Roloff Shares Garbled Nonsense On Instagram

The Roloffs have been gearing up to celebrate Christmas and Jeremy Roloff took to his Instagram page to share an update with his fans about their tree. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have been providing followers with a sneak peek at their gigantic Christmas tree.

Many people have been eager to see updates on how they’ve been able to get the huge tree into the house. Jeremy’s post updating people on the progress didn’t answer any questions though. In fact, it left many people confused.

The post, shown below, showed Jeremy preparing to move the tree out of his pickup truck and into the house. It doesn’t seem like they thought out how the monster of a tree into their home yet.


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A post shared by Jeremy James Roloff (@jeremyroloff)

While the post itself showed Jeremy performing different tasks to get ready to move the tree, the words that were on the screen at the beginning of the video is what people focused on. It read: “Late night in the shop figure if out how to safely get this tree stood up.”

As one Reddit user asked, “Wut?”

Fans Point Out Jeremy’s Awful Grammar

People took to Reddit to discuss his bad grammar.  One Redditor wrote, “I’ve read that 10 times and still have no idea what tf he’s saying.”

As fans were discussing Jeremy’s nonsense post, many people said that it runs in the family. Evidently, no members of the Roloff family are immune to posting grammatically incorrect or completely nonsensical content.

“I think the Roloffs have a genetic abnormality that disallows them from using proper grammar and from constructing coherent sentences,” one person wrote. A few people thought that he may have even been drinking when he made the post.

Despite his bad grammar at times, many of his followers have been glued to Instagram waiting for an update. Even Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger Duggar’s husband, has been eagerly waiting to see the tree in their home.

Jeremy Vuolo comment on Jeremy Roloff Instagram

Credit: Jeremy Roloff Instagram

Fans can expect photo updates from Audrey and Jeremy Roloff over the next week in regard to the tree. Are you following their gigantic Christmas tree story?

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