Exclusive Interview: Jacklyn Collier Discusses ‘Fit For Christmas’

Jacklyn Collier, Paul Greene-https://www.instagram.com/p/Ch5DtVsJI7W/
Multi-talented Jacklyn Collier is back for another Exclusive Interview. The Engagement Plot star is back to discuss the upcoming CBS Christmas movie, Fit For Christmas. This movie stars Amanda Kloots, and Paul Greene.
In this interview, Jacklyn reveals how she was specifically written into this movie, thanks to her important contribution. The Sleuther also talks about what Angela Lansbury’s iconic sleuth, Jessica Fletcher means to her.
Lastly, she reveals how she and Andrew W. Walker wound up singing a song from Grease at Bramble Jam.
Jacklyn Collier-https://www.instagram.com/p/CjtHPvDpuoR/
Fit For Christmas star Jacklyn Collier-https://www.instagram.com/p/CjtHPvDpuoR/

Jacklyn Collier Talks About Fit For Christmas

Jacklyn, you are starring in your first Christmas movie! This is Fit For Christmas with Amanda Kloots and Paul Greene.
Can you tell us anything about the movie and maybe your character?
Fit For Christmas, really excited about it. CBS, December 4, at 8:30 p.m., Eastern.
My character is named Jackie, which is really fun. Anna White, who wrote the movie and is the executive producer, wrote the character for me because I introduced her and Amanda Kloots. Her and Amanda Kloots, who is also an Executive producer on it, and they created the story together.
Anna White wrote it and they thought it would be really cool to have me in the movie because I introduced them. It was a lot of fun.

You will see my character being charmed by Paul Greene’s character, Griffin. It was so fun, as I wound up making the trailer, which was such an exciting surprise.

Fit For Christmas is about a fitness instructor, Audrey Parker who comes to her hometown from New York, after not making it, and her gym was shut down.

She returns to Mistletoe, Montana only to find that Griffin, a charming outsider, played by Paul Greene, is trying to build a ski lodge in her hometown.

There is a bit of a love triangle with Audrey’s boyfriend from the big city.
Amanda Kloots, Jacklyn Collier, Fit For Christmas-https://www.instagram.com/p/CkiyxVcpnRF/
Amanda Kloots, Jacklyn Collier, Fit For Christmas-https://www.instagram.com/p/CkiyxVcpnRF/

Any Surprises Filming Christmas Movie?

What is your biggest surprise about filming a Christmas movie?
There is just a lot of ground to cover every day and there is only time for two or three takes for each shot. But, nothing was very shocking to me.

 Jacklyn Collier Talks About Working With Amanda Kloots, Paul Greene

In Fit for Christmas, you worked with two dynamite talents. What was it like working with Paul and Amanda?
I had the best time working with Paul and Amanda. They are both such sweet, and kindhearted people. He was so generous, he was such a collaborative person to work with.
Amanda is such a delight and she was hilarious on set. Everyone had such good chemistry because they were friends onscreen and off.

Fit For Christmas Feels

What sorts of feels should Christmas movie fans get from Fit for Christmas?
Oh my gosh! There are going to be so many Christmas feels! Decorating! There is Christmas in every frame. There are so many decorations. So much Christmas spirit, so many delightful Christmas treats. Fun Christmas clothes…and of course, the wonderful romance and mistletoe.

Jacklyn Collier Describes Fit For Christmas in Five Words

Can you share five words (more is fine too!) to describe Fit For Christmas?
Romantic. Hilarious. Unique. Sparkly. Exciting.

Jacklyn Collier Talks About Countdown To Christmas Kick-Off

Speaking of Christmas, you were just at the Countdown To Christmas kick-off at Radio City Music Hall and The Christmas Spectacular. That looked…spectacular!
Ginna Claire is one of my Broadway favorites and she is starring in this movie, and she is just epic. She is also one of the kindest people I ever met.
It was so great to see all of my Hallmark friends get dressed up. It was a lot of fun, Kristin Chenoweth performed, we got to see all of the costumes from Ginna Claire’s character in her Hallmark movie.
And, Hallmark is such a family. It was so great to get together and celebrate the kick-off for Countdown To Christmas in my favorite city in the world, New York City.
I love the Rockettes!

Jacklyn Collier’s Duet With Andrew W. Walker

At BrambleJam, you and Andrew W. Walker performed “Summer Nights” from Grease. Wow! That was fantastic. How did this come about? Did you practice with Andrew?
We did not practice at all! Andrew came up to me and asked if we could do a song together. I think he is one of the most sweetest, talented people.
I told him, ‘Yea. What do you think we should do.’ He said, ‘It will come to me. He said, ‘Olivia Newton-John just passed away. We’ve got to do Grease!’
We then got called up and we had a blast. I love that guy.
Andrew and Jacklyn-https://www.instagram.com/p/Chp9QzqJIFE/
Andrew and Jacklyn-https://www.instagram.com/p/Chp9QzqJIFE/

Remembering Jessica Fletcher

Sleuthers just lost their icon, Angela Lansbury. What did she and her character Jessica Fletcher mean to you?
I was devastated when Angela Lansbury passed away. Jessica Fletcher defined to me what it meant to be a snoop, and a sleuther, and a detective, and she brought so much joy and fun and hilarity to that character.
She was always coming from the best place, and was never smug, right? She just relished in solving these mysteries and she was so tricky.
I just loved her and adored that character and I hope she lives on forever.

Super Sleuther Jacklyn Collier Shares What She Wants To See Next

John Christian Plummer has advised me that he has written a second Curious Caterer script and they should start filming that soon. Would you like to see more of any of the new mysteries?
As a diehard Sleuther, I just want to see more mysteries next year. I don’t care, I love them all.
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