When Is ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 8 Finale?

The Masked Singer finale | YouTube

The Masked Singer is wrapping up its eighth season this week on Fox. After a season where the show took away the fun of guessing who the celebs were throughout the season, there are only two singers left competing for the grand prize.

Here is a look at when the finale will air and who we think the last two singers standing are.

The Masked Singer finale

The panelists from The Masked Singer | YouTube

The Masked Singer had a new format this season. Instead of one person going home each week and the singers returning to compete again, only one person moved on each week this season. This eliminated the fun of people sharing guesses about who each singer is throughout the season, leaving them with only one hour each week to make their guesses.

This allowed more people than ever before to compete in the season. Names this season included William Shatner, Ray Parker Jr., George Foreman, Chris Jericho, Jerry Springer, Joey Lawrence, and all three Brady Bunch boys. Costumes included Bride, Sir Bugaboo, Scarecrow, Avocado, and more. Now, there are only two singers left competing for this year’s winner.

After Nikki Glaser unmasked last week as Snowstorm, only Harp and Lambs remain. They will compete one last time and only one will walk away as the Season 8 champion. The Masked Singer finale airs on Wednesday night, November 30, at 8/7c on Fox.

Who are the Harp and Lambs on The Masked Singer?

The Lambs on The Masked Singer | YouTube

The only guesses remaining for The Masked Singer fans are for Harp, who has been around since the start of the season, and Lambs. Starting with Harp, most people figured out who this was early on, thanks to both the clues and the singer’s amazing voice.

The clue packages included auditioning for the biggest show in the world as a teen, but getting turned down. She then became an “idol” for anyone who felt like an outsider. There was also a witch’s hat, 3D glasses, and a casting sheet. There was also a Christmas-themed cupcake. Her mom was also a singer. There were also pictures of her with T-Pain and Kandi Burruss.

This is almost surely Amber Riley, who was rejected by American Idol before becoming a star thanks to Glee. She also played the Good Witch of the North in The Wiz Live!

Up next is the Lambs. First off, this is three people. They said they grew up with Miss Piggy. The trio also said they are Beverly Hills besties. They said they are “quite the troop” and love to play pretend. They have traveled the world, graced billboards and red carpets, and had a massive career on stage and screen. Finally, they also broke up and reunited.

There were a lot of guesses here, including Haim and The Chicks. However, our guess is that they are Wilson Phillips.

Have you enjoyed The Masked Singer this season? Let us know your favorite moments of the eighth season in the comments below.

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