Tim Malcolm & Veronica Celebrate Their Baby’s Big Day

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Tim Malcolm and Veronica Rodriguez are celebrating a major milestone together. It involves their baby girl Chloe who Tim has raised since she was a baby. He has been a constant in her life despite his relationship with her mom, Veronica not making it down the aisle. Now, the exes, who are really best friends, have come together for a huge day in Chloe’s life. So, what is it? Read on for more details.

Tim Malcolm & Veronica Celebrate Their Baby’s Big Day

When viewers first met Tim and Veronica, it was through the 90 Day Fiance franchise. The couple had been engaged but things failed to work out. However, they maintained an extremely close relationship and continued to co-parent Veronica’s young daughter, Chloe. They even weighed in on each other’s relationships such as Tim’s on-screen romance with Jeniffer Tarazona. He went to visit her on the spinoff Before the 90 Days but they failed to connect in person.

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Ultimately, she ended up back on Season 5 of the show with Jesse Meester who had been on and off Darcey Silva during Seasons 1 and 2. Their status is up in the air. As for Veronica, she had boyfriends but just finished up her time on Season 3 of The Single Life. Tim has always been the biggest hurdle for other men as he is the one they must get past. He and, of course, young Chloe who is actually not that young anymore. According to Tim’s Facebook, they just celebrated their little girl turning sixteen.

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Yes, she is not so young anymore but has blossomed into a beautiful young woman. Together, Tim and Veronica got together to take Chloe out and his followers were very celebratory. They also told him that the next two years completely fly by. Yet one person added something really sweet: “Oh wow, what a great age. Happy Birthday. Tim I’m sure you have fulfilled so much in that young lady’s life.”

What’s Next?

The Single Life is now in its tell-all phase so more will be discovered as to where Veronica’s love life stands. As for Tim Malcolm, fans are eager for him and his ex to get back to Pillow Talk. They are fan favorites over there but have taken a brief hiatus while Veronica films. For now, it is all about Chloe and her milestone birthday. Tim has a lot of throwback photos of the two of them together on his social media.

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He clearly has taken so much pride in being her father and it shows in all of the photos and how much he dotes on her on TV. Tim is always praising her for making the honor roll and succeeding in school. It will be amazing to continue to see how far Chloe will go with parents like Veronica and Tim behind her.

Can you believe Chloe is sixteen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Love that Tim is Chloe’s dad. He is doing a gret job and although some think he is over the top when it comes to Veronica’s social life. He has a lot to protect! His daughter will be with whomever Veronica choses to be involved with. That is what dads are supposed to do.

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