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‘The View’ Whoopi Goldberg Wheezes On-Air, Fans Concerned


The View moderator Whoopi Goldberg hasn’t been at the prime of her health lately. On Tuesday’s show, the actress sparked concern among fans after she was seen suffering from on-air health troubles. The ABC host was recently diagnosed with COVID and tested negative before returning to the show. However, it seems like the host is dealing with the side effects of the virus. Keep reading to find out what worried fans!

Whoopi Goldberg Wheezes On-Air Holding Onto Her Chest

About halfway through the show, Whoopi started introducing the day’s guests to the viewers after a commercial break. Everything started off well and the moderator successfully introduced actor Samuel L. Jackson and his wife LaTanya Richardson Jackson. However, as she got to the details of the couple’s latest projects, things took a scary turn.

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During the introduction, just as she was about to mention LaTanya’s name, the 67-year-old started having slight trouble breathing. She could be heard wheezing and holding onto her chest as she coughed.

Sara Haines Attempts To Diffuse Whoopi’s Coughing Fit

Although the host attempted to continue her introduction part, the coughing fit didn’t let her do so. She turned to her side and continued to cough in an attempt to clear her airways. Eventually, her co-host Sara Haines jumped in attempting to help her out.

She reached over to pat the moderator on the back and helped diffuse the coughing as her other co-hosts asked if she was doing okay.

Whoopi Goldberg YouTube The View

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As the moderator struggled on-air, fans at home wondered if she was alright and wished her better health. Eventually, the coughing faded away and Whoopi was finally able to speak and participate in the segment with the guests.

The View Fans Concerned For Whoopi Goldberg’s Health

As per The Sun, the TV personality’s coughing fit comes after she was out with COVID earlier this month. After battling the scary virus followed by her on-and-off attendance on the show, fans were worried after she was seen coughing on Tuesday’s episode.

The View audience took to Twitter to share their concern for the ABC host. One wrote, “Whoopi need some water lol”

“Oh no Whoopi!” added another concerned viewer.

“Whoopi with the cough as she introduces Sam & Latonya, get her some watah please!” begged a third fan.

A fourth tweeted, “Somebody give Whoopi a lozenge.”

“Whoopi is not well,” shared a concerned fan while another chimed, “Whoopi is about to cough up a lung! Hope she’s ok!”

The Emmy Award winner returned to the show last Monday after her healing from COVID. Upon her return, the actress mentioned that she had a rough recovery and was still dealing with a bad cough. While her co-stars mentioned how much they missed her, she replied that she was more concerned about trying to breathe without making her condition worse.

What do you think of Whoopi’s on-air health crisis? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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