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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Grossed Out By Robyn Brown’s Mom

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A recent thread on a Sister Wives subReddit has left fans gagging as Robyn Brown’s mother has them truly grossed out. While the post initially discussed how differently Kody Brown treats Robyn’s children versus his other children, there was a side conversation about how Robyn first met Kody. Fans clarified this information was all covered in the book they released detailing their family history.

Per the book (and fan recall), Robyn Brown first met Kody Brown by attending a polygamist dance that took place hours away from where she actually lived. Fans noted even how Kody met Robyn was a bit hypocritical because she went a long distance from home to find him and he accused Christine of running to Utah after the split to do the same thing.

Continuing to discuss Robyn and Kody meeting for the first time, Robyn Brown’s mother briefly comes up as a topic of conversation. A conversation that causes fans to drop tons of vomit emojis. What was said that caused fans’ stomachs to flip as they grabbed a barf bag? Keep reading for the details.

Robyn Brown Youtube
Robyn – Youtube

Robyn Brown’s mother leaves fans truly grossed out

While discussing Robyn Brown venturing pretty far from home to attend polygamist dances, fans note that the book claims it was her sister that put the idea in her head. Fans recall Robyn Brown trying to make it sound like she was hesitant and resistant to the whole idea. One fan pointed out that Robyn’s mother encouraged her to get her scent out there as she looked for a new man. Another fan, left speechless, dropped nothing more than a vomit emoji. A separate fan agreed it was gross and uncomfortable that both Robyn and her mother viewed her as a slab of meat they sat out for Kody to come sniffing around.

One fan penned: “What an ‘ew’ thing to say ( especially a mother) … like she’s a piece of meat…and Kody came sniffin.”

Robyn Brown/YouTube
Robyn – Sister Wives

“Oh barf,” a second fan agreed in disgust.

What are your thoughts on Robyn Brown’s mother encouraging her to “get her scent out there” so she could snag a decent man? Do you think Kody Brown was what Robyn’s mother hoped she would snag? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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    1. I hope Janelle keeps being independent and gets her house built and keeps her money and house in her name only. screw Kody and what he wants. I actually think Kody is trying to push her out do he can just be monogamous. He doesn’t bother with Meri anyway.

      1. I agree, I think Janelle has always been the financial responsible one & Robyn & her stupid tears is so annoying.

        1. I so agree with you! Robyn IA such a fake, thankful for fast forward remote. I hope Janelle does exactly what Christine did.. Meri a lost cause.

        2. I agree. Robyn’s mom was probably tired of supporting her. I mean who else paid her bills before Janelle and Christine started footing the bill? she knows her lazy narcissistic daughter wasn’t going to work. So find a man with working wives to do it. it’s obvious that’s the type of women they are. disgusting. get a job. pay your own way.

      2. It is clear that Robyn came into this family to break the whole family She will never care about the other wives and Kody only cares about Robyn children and ignores the other children

      3. I agree with you guys. I am so tired of Kody , I want, I want, I want. To heck with what he wants. He has used these ladies way to long. I hope Janelle is the next one to leave and I hope she will take everything that she can get and leave Kody and Robin HIGHANDDRY.

      4. I agree. Kody is a womanizing ass hole and Meri and Janelle deserve better. Robin is as much of a controller as Kody and I think Robins every intention was to take over the family and be number one. They deserve each other.

      5. I’m so totally discussed with this program.. who gives their daughters to a grown man that they sleep with? This show has literally gone over the top!! It might even be illegal..

    2. yeah that whole show is so against women’s rights but it keeps u coming back for more insanity. and Robyn is such an actress. and she can probably get a job in Hollywood. crying in a second. mood changes in a second and obviously has no morality so she would be perfect

      1. I agree 100% Robyn is going to get exactly what she deserves plus her dramatic reactions should get her an Emmy for best fake dramatic performance in a reality TV show

      2. I don’t think she’s a good actress at all. I think we are all seeing through her BS and have for a long time.

      1. she wouldn’t have that house if it wasn’t for Janelle and Christine putting a down payment on that for them!! and Kody thinks he do HIGH and MIGHTY! they provide the money for him ! Can’t stand him !! he is getting rid of all his

    3. I totally agree Kody shows total commitment to only Ribyn and her children. He’s always saying I have young children but somehow he manages to forget he fathered many other older children.
      I can’t understand why Mary sticks around when Kody shows his distaste for her.

      1. I feel the same way,Mary needs to move on and find a new Man Cody doesn’t want her he said that on the Show, I am happy for Christine. But I think it’s time for the show to go off the Air, it’s terrible how Cody treats those Women I hope Janelle leaves next….

      2. Meri and Robyn crying over Kody tyrant towards Christine was sickening! But I applaud Christine for keeping her cool. Meri is just dumb don’t know how many times or how many ways he tells Meri I Don’t Want You!!

      1. Like more wives hopefully younger so Robyn can see how it feels to Love and be loyal to a man that’s not loyal.

    4. she wouldn’t have that house if it wasn’t for Janelle and Christine putting a down payment on that for them!! and Kody thinks he do HIGH and MIGHTY! they provide the money for him ! Can’t stand him !! he is getting rid of all his

    5. i love Robin. she knows what it’s all about. if you truly watch the show. what is wrong with the viewers.???

    6. I agree, I hope Janelle sees her worth and realizes that Kody and sobyn Robyn are just using Janelle for her money. It’s clear that Kody only cares for himself and sobyn Robyn. sobyn Robyn has done nothing to contribute to this family, she has destroyed this family for selfish gains and only caused havoc for this family. I applaud Christine for seeing her worth and leaving Kody. Christine and her children seem much happier. Kody and sobyn Robyn have a dark cloud of gloom over them. Sobyn Robyn needs to get a job and support her own children and not expect every else to give her their money. sobyn Robyn is a freeloading, selfish, rude entitled ole hag.

    7. I do too, because Kody Brown is just looking for a way to get rid every one of the old wives. You would have to be stupid not to see it. He didn’t want a sexual relationship with anyone of them. First Meri, then Christen, now he is looking for a reason to dump, Jenelle. He is a joke. Go shack up with Robyn. If she is the only one you want to be intimate with then, why would the other wives want to stay.t

    8. I think Robyn is in this for big gain monetarily ‼️. She seems to have some legal in her background. My thoughts are, Janelle will get wise and leave as Christine did, and he’ll feel victory for a moment, and the cobra will hit him with vengeance ‼️. Kody, it’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature. Now Mari can have him again, all to herself, bc nobody wants nor trusts Kody. It’s out there already…

  1. Well if they think Cody is a catch Yeah she put her scent out there like she was in heat cause honey Cody is less than a dog and as sneaky as Robyn is they deserve each other she got Mari to divorce her husband and marry her to have joint financial power and adopt the kids and they there own little cult they moved so the big kid who looks a little scary could go to collage they grown and still won’t leave the house yeah cult the nanny the power the money Robyn has it all

  2. All of them should leave. marry the most. He don’t deserve these lovely ladies. He should be ashamed at the way he treated them.

  3. Kody thinks it’s all about him. His other 2 wives should leave him as well, seeing he only cares about Robin and her kids. I used to like him, but now I don’t.

  4. I’m so Happy and proud of Christine I too had make the similar decision and Took that first step I’m happier stress lifted not feeling unloved neglected and made to feel unwanted God has many many more Blessings for her because her stumbling has been removed. Robyn is not as nice as shbetray herself to be shes sneaky and two faced She wants Koby All to Herself Hurry up Janelle Get out of there I did toke the way Koby talked mari I.feel sorry for her Mari need to Let Go Koby doesnt have any Love or Respect for her.maybe her friend can talk to her. Well Robyn your Mom sure didnt pick you your Prince Koby is a Wolf in Sheep clothing

    1. AMEN…I used to love watching this show…it’s lost all it’s appeal…
      I won’t be happy till the Meri, Christine and Jenell find complete happiness, and independence separate from Kody PERMANENTLY…..gotta say I’m NOT wstching anymore!

    2. I do not feel sorry for Meri ! she has problems! She needs to go back to UTal and Get a Life !! Kody tells her over and over again! ! He won’t take her back! she brings a lot on herself!!!

  5. Sobinrobyn says Christine took her family away and how Robyn’s life had as been affected. Really Sobyn? You didn’t try to get to know Christine or Janelle. But, your first thought wasn’t about losing “your” family it’s more about you losing the money these two ladies have supported you with. Time to get a job Sobyn!!!

    1. He is such a jerk! He owes Janelle!! She is the one who has been the glue to keep this family going! No with Janelle gone, who is going to be bringing in the cash! Janelle and Christine deserves better! When he made the statement he was no longer in love with them, that would have been his walking papers!! He’s a pathetic user! Good luck women!!

    2. Robyn don’t want to work she’s afraid of getting her hands dirty I knew when I seen Robyn for the first time there was something funny about her she’s one of them it’s all about her and they all have worked while she sat on her a$$ waiting on everyone else to bring the money in that’s what wrong now plus I can’t believe that Janelle and Meri had to help but Queenie a mansion if anyone deserved a mansion it sure wasn’t her I’d told her get a job and Cody is nothing but a piece of 💩 honestly Robyn deserves everything she gets the other 3 I hope all walk out on him Christine and I hope Janelle gets out of there but I really don’t think Meri will she’ s gonna stay I had hoped not but I’d say she will

    3. I totally agree! All Robin and Kody want is to continue to live a lavish lifestyle supported by the other sister wives. Kody and Robin could care less about the other wives and children. They have both made that pretty clear. Robin is so fake and kody is just a controlling arrogant piece of sh**!

  6. Codi is a self centered narcissist. It has not left my thoughts of seeing/hearing him angry saying “Janelles children, blah,blah, blah. “Christine’s children ,blah,blah,blah Then he said “My children” eluding to his children with Robyn. He’s proving to the public he’s a heartless idiot. Wolf in sheep’s clothes. He complains about not having a good relationship with his children by C&J.. It’s obvious why. You were too busy with Robyn and your children with her . And not there for them in their formative years . You tried hard to act the part in front of the camera, but your not a good actor. Now the truth about who you really are is coming out. I hope your money run/ and this show comes to a end for you and Robyn.

  7. this was Robins way to get on TV .I think if the show is ever taken off the air she would take Cody for all he has . give me a break can we say gold digger

  8. The comment “get her scent out there” is an old country reference to hunting/trapping. Im sure it wasn’t meant litterally. .Stop being so PC about ever little detail. it only means to get out and about. You won’t meet anyone sitting around the house. My paternal family is from Oklahoma and no one would take offense to being told that. So much more to be upset about with this whole Brown family thing! Please!
    Christine, 👏! Janelle deserves a medal! Merri, 🤮! Robyn, we all know what your doing. Your not fooling anyone! Kody, DITTO!

    1. Totally agree with you. People literally taking scent out of context. I agree Robyn Cody are pos and deserve each other though

      1. Robin acts so fake like she cares about the other wives and their Kid’s. It’s all bullsh*.
        Oh, and those awful eyebrows and her fake crying all the time. Ughhhh

  9. can’t stand Robin and all the bawling she does she’s real good at turning on and off the water works lol and never found out why she needed a nanny when the other wife’s didn’t lol kody is such a ass everything for Robin and there kids and nothing for the others no wonder Christine left.

    1. Her older kids could’ve helped with the 2 younger ones. Kody is a hypocrite, by allowing a nanny in the house during Covid and then him not going with his daughter for her back surgery. what an ass.

  10. That is so true Cody is an asshole Robin is fake and Meri is pathetic Cody can’t stand her and she’s still there so sad

    1. Yes they ( the women) are all fools to even be hanging around him. He just wants to be married to Robin. She looks like husband’s old old Aunt Olga haha!!! They belong together. She is no prize package nor is he

      1. Sobyn was a little bit pretty or cute when she first came on the scene. Now she’s not bet Kody gets sick of her too just like he did all the rest of them. Robyn’s face is square now. Spong Bob Square PANTS.

  11. I agree with everything I have read.Robin always been the problem Meri is desperate how much longer she gone wait till she get loved?

  12. I would like to know how Kody gets to play his polygamy card when he clearly stated he no longer is in their church. Isn’t he just a plain old polygamist who should be arrested for his unlawful behavior.

  13. I won’t assume to understand the whole relationship dynamic with polygamy but I do know abuse and Kody claiming Christine abused him? I am still trying to understand how ONE MALE supports 4 women and 2 softball teams of kids. I am glad Christine chose peace. I hope Meri and Janelle can find peace. 🙏

    1. He is not supporting them, it was said, the proceeds from Janelle and Meris house was used for the down payment on Robin and Cody’s house. while they rented. then meri with money she made bought the BnB.

  14. why did Kody go to his friends wedding and not wear a mask?? he was dancing with anybody that he could possibly try to pick up and I use the term dancing very very loosely. I would venture to guess that is where he got covid and gave it to Robin.

    why did Cody want Janelle’sadult boys to move out of the house and yet Robbins big fat son could stay in the house and not worry about getting kicked out?

    why did Cody not go and spend the night at Janelle’s trailer when truly was in town? wouldn’t that have been a great time to see his kid that he is going to miss so so much?

    this guy has zero respect for women. I’m not sure if his mother raised him or a bunch of baboons raised him. he is an embarrassment to the male race. where does he get off thinking that he can tell these women that he does not love them but he expects them to stay in a relationship and have him be the boss? it’s laughable. it’s laughable that he’s been able to do it all this time. he will wake up and they will all be gone someday. it’s just a matter of time

  15. I am waiting for the show of one woman with four husbands. Each would have a beautiful home for her. She would have four beautiful vehicles. the men would all treat her like a queen. Of course she would not have to work. Any children would have to be born by surrogates. Also each family would have a live in nanny.
    That would be a very interesting show. Where can I sign up. 🤔 🤣

  16. I agree with everyone’s comments. I am so happy Christine left (“the family”), and happy Janelle is taking a stand. Would love to see Meri leave the so called family. Whiny Robyn and worthless Kody makes me sick. I hate seeing the way Meri is treated. Robyn is the only one he spends time with, she gets the big house and Janelle has to live in a trailer. When whiny came into “the family” the dynamics changed. I wish only the best for Meri, Janelle and Christine.

  17. I don’t believe any speculation unless somebody takes a picture of the actual book and shows what it says.

    1. Hi Patricia, I stopped watching the show several years ago but I do keep up with it on social media. I’m sure that’s why I don’t understand your comment. Could you please explain what speculation you are referring to and a picture of what book? I’m very curious!
      Thanks for your time.

      1. The speculation is referring to the article we just read about what Robin’s Mom said about ‘Robins scent’. Apparently that came from the book the Browns or some ghost writer wrote.

  18. Bravo, Christine! peace of mind is everything. Janelle, I hope you are next. You are too intelligent and more than capable of taking care of yourself. You deserve so much better than Kody. Meri is just a pathetic mess… a disaster waiting to happen. How do you hear a man say he does not love you, does not trust you and wouldn’t care if you walk away because he wouldn’t care one way or another. Her response is “I’m staying to see if Kody will be willing to try to reestablish a relationship.” Lady, he don’t want you… only what you can provide for him to live comfortably with Robyn and “his” kids. Girl, get some self confidence and tell kody to kiss your azz.

  19. yes I agree congratulations Christine you saw things for what it really is and Janelle get your power back be your own person sweetie Mary get on with life Robin drama queen it’s so annoying to watch you you keep continuously playing victim me oh my. kody you are a failure you keep playing victim as well it’s very obvious you will get what you deserve nothing

  20. yes I agree congratulations Christine you saw things for what it really is and Janelle get your power back be your own person sweetie Mary get on with life Robin drama queen it’s so annoying to watch you you keep continuously playing victim me oh my. kody you are a failure you keep playing victim as well it’s very obvious you will get what you deserve nothing

  21. I actually think Fake Mary found Stupid Kody a 4 wife when she figured out that she was no longer pleasing him just to get under the other wives skin. Y’all have to remember from early on Mary never got along with anyone. She even hated when the kids walked through her house in Utah. But oh she loves Robin and her children. Mary smells fake to me.. Mary always wanted everyone to feel sorry for her but it was a game she played to stay in the spot light. Kody, Mary and Robin will find them selves in shit.

    1. I wouldn’t doubt it if Mary and Robin were in a relationship together, the way Mary idolizes Robin has me wondering “What’s really going on?”🤔 remember when Mary was said to have been “catfished” that’s what we were told, and only because she was put on blast! who knows! Mary may be trying to start her own stable of sister wives 🤣

      1. I think when Mary divorced kody so robins kids could be adopted, that is when robin set the wheels in motion to push out the other wives. She’s the only one to have any claim to anything kody has.

  22. basically Robin’s mom made Robin sound like a dog in heat! that’s what it boils down to, so gross!🤢🤮and you know the saying, when you lay down with dogs….

  23. I don’t understand what the BIG deal is that she went away from town to a polygamy dance, it’s NOT like every single town has a polygamist dance! LOL
    And there is no comparison between this and Christian moving back. 🤦‍♀️ Just because cry baby Robyn’s mom said the word “scent” it’s a BIG deal? People say all the time get yourself back out there, you got to get under another man to get over the other. Etc. People will post anything just to be dramatic & childish. 🤦‍♀️

    1. Right, I just think it’s because fans hate Robin and Cody so much they’ll grasp at any straw to insult the duo. I can’t stand the couple, in fact they are the only tv stars or any star for that matter that makes me feel such negative emotions. Such as anger and disgust about what they’ve done and how they continue to act. Mary is a piece of work too, dumb and mean. I should probably stop watching but I’m just waiting to see if they are going to reap what they’ve been sowing.

  24. I’m so glad Christine left Kody! I hope Janelle will follow suit. Meri is pathetic to keep hanging around, but that’s on her. Robyn is so phony with the fake sobbing! I can’t stand Kody! He is so hateful to everyone but Robyn and her kids. I lost all respect for him when he wouldn’t go to Ysabel’s surgery! What a low life 😡

  25. Cody says he didn’t want a divorce in his record. Cody and Mary were legally married and he had to go through the court system to divorce her in order to marry Robin. Wasn’t that already on his record before Christine left? Cody is slime. he looks like the devil and too controlling.

  26. That sly snake (KOOKY) has probably waited for the kids to be older before ‘shoving’ the wives out is so that he won’t be up for child support!
    God forbid he showed some accountability for his children.
    I can just begin to imagine how heartbroken the kids must feel….but they are WAY BETTER OFF without him.!

  27. Robyn is a lazy mom she wants everything handed to her along with kody as for him he wants all to bow down to him he is a user and nothing more they deserve each other I really don’t like him

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