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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Sees Rain Brown Ready To Return To Show

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It surprised Alaskan Bush People fans when Noah and Birdie’s trip back to Alaska ended in a tragic moment. The entire trip focused on Birdie’s medical and emotional problems and Noah’s stress of finding a new home. Yet, it was the youngest daughter, Rain Brown, who ended up suffering in the end.

Here is a look at what Alaskan Bush People plans for its finale this upcoming Sunday with Rain returning to her family.

Rain Brown suffered a breakdown on Alaskan Bush People

The trip to Alaska had Alaskan Bush People fans worried. Birdie Brown had surgery before the trip. She learned she had two tumors and had them removed. This left her with the choice of a full hysterectomy or the possibility that new tumors could return in the future, this time with cancer. Luckily, she had sister Rain Brown there with her.

Rain Brown with Birdie and Bear Brown | episode screencap

Rain was there to make sure Birdie didn’t overexert herself on the Alaskan trip. Rain also served another purpose on the trip. She had the most experience of driving the boat, learning from her dad Billy. Even though she was only 19, the family considered her the best captain of all the Brown children. This meant she also had the responsibility of captaining the boat and watching after Birdie.

It turned out no one considered what Rain had gone through since Billy’s death last year. While the show focused on Birdie’s depression after her dad’s death, it didn’t look too much at Rain, the youngest of the Wolf Pack, and the closest in recent years to Billy. By the time Birdie came to her own decisions after self-reflection, it was too late to realize Rain was also breaking down.

During the trip, Rain told Birdie she was still talking to their dad and passed on messages to her sister. Birdie realized that Rain wasn’t acting the same, and there was clearly something wrong. After that episode, a title card on the screen revealed that Rain had checked into a center for professional help with her depression issues after returning from the trip.

Rain Brown returning to find gold with family?

There is no telling how long has passed since the start of the Alaskan Bush People season. The season started in late January, but it jumped ahead months at a time. It is now after later in the year on the show, and Rain Brown is returning next week for the season finale.

The previews showed her coming to the house, while her family wonders if it was too soon. However, at least two people are very excited about her return — Noah Brown and Birdie Brown. Noah is the youngest boy, and Birdie is the closest to her sister. The two have also been hard at work setting up gold mining equipment on their mountain home.

Rain Brown and Birdie walking | episode screencap

This has been Rain’s dream since she and Billy started buying equipment to search for gold. Noah and Birdie wanted to have something going to surprise their sister, and hopefully lift her spirits when she gets back.

Are you excited to see Rain Brown return for the Alaskan Bush People finale? What do you hope to see in the last episode of the season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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