Noah Brown Suffered Serious Injury On ‘Alaskan Bush People’

Noah Brown and Rhain - episode screencap

After this week’s episode of Alaskan Bush People, there was a special one-hour look at things they filmed this season that didn’t make the main episodes. One of these moments was something that threatened Noah Brown’s trip to Alaska.

Here is a look at what happened to Noah Brown this year on Alaskan Bush People that might have caused long-term damage.

Noah Brown Suffers Head Injury On Alaskan Bush People

Noah Brown said that his trip back to Alaska to look for a new house almost came to an end before it began. He was talking to his wife Rhain, and she asked about a damaged metal pole she found. He had a frightening admission. Noah had hit his head on the pipe, knocking a dent in it and one in his head as well.

Noah Brown in the kitchen - episode screencap

He went on to reveal something even scarier. Noah said he had suffered more concussions in his life than most boxers. This is even worse because Noah is the brains of the Wolf Pack, and he now admits that his memory is slipping, and he is forgetting things now. He said he has persistent post-concussive syndrome, and he learned it might last the rest of his life.

After revealing this horrifying news, Noah tried to lighten things up. He said his sense of taste had completely changed. After talking to his wife about the serious brain damage issues, the two decided to have him try different foods and see how much they changed. He used to hate spicy foods, and he was able to eat some without it bothering him for the first time. He did, however, still hate pickles.

Noah Brown Plans To Move To Alaska Next Spring

It took Noah Brown a while to find a place in Alaska, but he finally found what he considered the perfect place for his family. It was on an island and gave him a chance to figure out things he could do to build it and make it their own.

Noah Brown - episode screencap

Much of this season followed Noah on his journey, and he saw many houses that failed his test one way or the other. It was nice to see him finally find a place that was perfect for him. Now, he can achieve his dream of raising his son in the same atmosphere he grew up in.

Fans wondered if Noah was moving or not. The family is still in Washington at this time. However, Noah mentioned after securing the new home that he would move his wife and kids to Alaska next spring. This means that, if there is another season of Alaskan Bush People, it will show Noah leaving and the Wolf Pack going their separate ways.

What were your thoughts about Noah Brown’s admission of his multiple concussions? Will you miss him if he leaves Alaskan Bush People? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. YES he’ll be missed! Not a fan of the concept of him raising his child out there like he was, but my only judgement is: I hope he teaches his wife a quick way Off the island in the event he needs an emergency exit. I’m just sick to hear about his brain issues. He’s a favorite of mine on the show.

  2. Yes , I enjoy watching The Wolf Pack . No I don’t want to see it end . I don’t like the idea that Noah and his family are moving away..THEY Need each other more since Da passed away… I lost my
    little sister last December and I still miss her something awful . They need one another. Yes , I think Noah needs to go get X-rays , he has responsibilities now
    His wife and family. Love you all 😚

  3. No!! Noah?!! Don’t go!!!!
    It was hard to see Matt go & how little we see Bam ☹️ I really don’t want to see the rest of you splinter off!! Yes you need your own spaces & lives but that mountain is huge enough for all of you!!! Stay close to your mom Noah! She still needs all of you & Rhaine’s family is nearby too so consider making the Alaska location your vacation home? Just a thought…. We love all the Browns!!! Please don’t go ☹️😞🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  4. I love Noah and his family… just film him and his family up in Alaska… that’d truly be Alaskan Bush People. The rest of them down in Washington…they’re all building homes as well. It was upsetting when Matt left. He was no longer on the show and I almost quit watching.

  5. “This is even worse because Noah is the brains of the Wolf Pack,… ” is this chud is the brains then Bear must but the rectum.
    Are you ABP fanboys so out of touch with these grifting bunch of charlatans that you want more of them. They will fleece you of your $$$.
    You’re Welcome…

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