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Tragic Moment Of Josh Duggar’s Trial Speaks Volumes

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Josh Duggar ended up sentenced to 151 months in federal prison for his child pornography conviction. While he is now serving his time, there was one moment from the trial that some have brought up recently. This moment showed how tragic these crimes really were.

Here is a look at what happened during the trial and why Josh’s actions hurt more people than some might believe.

Josh Duggar’s sister was at his trial

Josh Duggar

When Josh Duggar stood trial for his crimes, one source claimed that one of his sisters attended the trial. This was reportedly Joy-Anna Forsyth. According to this source, what happened during the testimony showed how horrific and tragic Josh’s crimes were for his sisters, who were all small children at the time of his earlier accusations.

According to the source, while some Duggar family members were there to show support for Josh, Joy-Anna had a different response. When the attorneys began discussing Josh’s allegations of sexual abuse against his little sisters when they were children, Joy-Anna reportedly got up and left the courtroom. She then allegedly returned later, looking “upset.”

This makes sense. The period where these allegations took place was when Joy-Anna was only five years old. While Jill and Jessa Duggar admitted Josh molested them, Joy-Anna was too young at the time to really understand.

Joy-Anna Forsyth has to live with these memories

Joy-Anna Forsyth | YouTube

Commenters on Reddit discussed the reports of Joy-Anna being in the courtroom and reacting in this manner. Most people admit that a five-year-old likely wouldn’t understand what was happening. This means that, with her parents possibly covering the crimes up for years, she learned about it during the testimony.

“Joy-Anna is going through hell,” one Redditor commented. “The whole world knows what happened to her, and maybe even before she knew! She learned in court. I so hope she can get real therapy.” Another said their heart breaks for her, while another called her brave for attending the trial at all.

The crimes that got him prison time were for possessing inappropriate images of children, but this brought up the allegations from years ago. Sadly, despite all the rising proof against Josh, the Duggar family seems to want to blame anyone but him for his crimes. They even claimed the town of Tontitown, Arkansas, framed him.

Through it all, Joy-Anna now lives with the stories she heard in court. These are stories that not only affected her but also her own child. “Can you imagine knowing that Josh has been around your daughter, and then hearing what he did to you as a kid that you don’t quite remember?” another Redditor wrote. “That would make me want to throw up.”

What are your thoughts about Josh Duggar’s crimes when it concerns his sisters? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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