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‘The View’: Sara Haines’ Son Leaves Instagram In Tears

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Sara Haines’ son left Instagram in tears. Once again, The View panelist shared an intimate detail about her life. She posted a video that featured her six-year-old son, Alec. The two attempted to do a festive holiday dance. Keep on reading to see what happens next.

Sara Haines shares intimate video on Instagram

The View co-host took part in the TikTok Love Story challenge. This social media trend is when parents ask their kids to film them dancing. Typically, the camera is faced toward the child so people can see their reaction. She posted the video of herself dancing on Instagram.

She faced the camera towards her and her two kids. Sara danced to the song “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” by Taylor Swift. The ABC talk show host wore matching Christmas pajamas with her kids. Sara performed the Running Man, in which she moved from side to side.

Sara Haines [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
At one point, Sara Haines gave herself moose ears. The clip showed a close-up of her son’s reaction as he turns the camera towards him. He laughed at his mom’s dance moves. His sister Sandra, 4, joined him in laughing at their famous mom.

“Told Alec to record me… This is his reaction to watching mama dance #lovestorychallenge,” Sara Haines wrote in the caption of the Instagram post.


🥹 #lovestorychallenge

♬ Love Story (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift

She first posted the video on TikTok. At the time of this writing, the video has over 23,000 views and counting. Sara reposted the same video to her Instagram feed. Fans took to the comment section to react. Most of them were laughing along with her kids, while others praised her for sharing this moment.

  • “Awww!! I’ve got tears watching this! That face!! Filled with love! Coming from a mom of older kids, this is a previous memory documented for always!”
  • “Good job mom. His smile and giggle are beyond precious.”
  • “He looks shocked and a little ashamed.”

The View co-host loses her cool on live television

This adorable video comes after Sara Haines lost her cool on live television. She snapped at co-host Sunny Hostin on a previous episode of The View. Joy Behar revealed that Andrew Garfield shared in an interview that he expected to have kids by now. He eventually shook off those expectations and now lives his life on his own terms.

Joy asked the panel if women have an easier time shaking off those same expectations. Sunny mentioned that it can be “easier” since women can now “freeze your eggs.” She also opened up about her struggles with IVF. Sara Haines noted that this option isn’t available for most women.

Sara Haines' Son Alec [Sara Haines | TikTok]
[Sara Haines | TikTok]
Newcomer Alyssa Farah Griffin chimed in and said that “people need to be easier on women as they’re going through this.” However, that didn’t stop Sara from erupting on Sunny, who advised Alyssa to “Get those eggs out!” Sara was annoyed with Sunny’s response.

What are your thoughts on Sara Haines’ son leaving Instagram in tears? Were you laughing along with him? Or, were you more into Sara’s dance? Sound off below in the comment section.

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