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‘The Today Show:’ Is Al Roker Dead? Twitter Trend Causes Panic

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Is Al Roker of The Today Show dead? In the past 24 hours, a trend on Twitter has caused the internet to panic and believe their favorite meteorologist was dead. Turns out, the concern started yesterday when a rather confusing headline referencing Al Roker’s wife Deborah Roberts, and a blood clot death caused everyone to believe he had passed away.

Making things worse, many caught wind of this story and started to discuss Al Roker’s passing on Twitter. Looping him in with Bob Saget, many have argued Al Roker also died from blood clots caused by a COVID vaccine. Now, to be clear, there hasn’t been anything reported — with proof — to suggest Bob Saget died because of the COVID vaccine. That’s just what people are talking about on Twitter.

So, is Al Roker dead? Is he alive? Why were people so quick to feed into the possibility that he was dead? Keep reading for the details.

Al Roker [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]

Is Al Roker of The Today Show dead?

During the first week of November, Al Roker mysteriously disappeared from The Today Show. It wasn’t until he was absent for two weeks that news broke of him being hospitalized. Sadly, everyone’s favorite anchor just hadn’t been feeling well and had been off the air for a week weeks to deal with health issues. Because Al Roker is such a happy and energetic man, people tend to forget he’s nearly 70.

In time, viewers learned he was treated at the hospital for blood clots in both his lungs and his legs. Sadly, more rumors of his well-being circulated when he was missing from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade for the first time in a very long time this year.

The internet began to panic as “Al Roker dead” started to trend on Twitter. Many began to talk about him as if he was already dead. Because he had been struggling with his health so much during these past few weeks, it was an easy rumor for people to believe.

Fortunately, Al Roker and his wife have taken to social media to crush any rumors related to his death. Turns out, the anchor is alive and well. He enjoyed the holidays at home with his family. So, there’s no reason to buy into the rumors that he’s passed away.

Did you panic when you saw “Al Roker dead” trending on Twitter? Let us know in the comments down below.

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  1. Get well Al, Iam a little older . I look foward to seeing you on the show.So rest and listen to the doctors. Be well and safe. Shaky R.

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