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Robyn Brown Is ‘Fundamentally Loyal’ To Kody

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Robyn Brown gives Kody no problems. She is the one wife that he can thoroughly depend on. This was something that he learned when Christine left the marriage. In his mind, she just gave up on him and the family. Now, as he navigates his crumbling marriage with Janelle, he refers to the one person who always has his back. Will it backfire? Read on for more details.

Robyn Brown Is ‘Fundamentally Loyal’ To Kody

In the preview for next week’s Sister Wives, Kody and his second wife, Janelle have a tense dinner. The couple has been struggling for some time and now it seems that it will finally come to a head. She is quite independent and does things her way. However, she is adamant that they start building on Coyote Pass. Janelle is so determined that she opted not to buy her rental when it was sold. Rather, she purchased an RV which she parked on the land.

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She has been showing Kody mockups of the homes and she really feels that it is time they set down some roots. He expects her to just roll over like a dog and do what he wants. For example, when Christine’s home did not sell, he wanted Janelle to buy it. Yet, she wanted her own home but more than that, she wanted to put money into a home on CP. During their tense meal, he tells her that they have not acted like married for years.

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The duo spiritually wed in 1993, three years after he legally married his first wife Meri. He went on to say that he has someone who is “fundamentally loyal” to him. That person is his fourth wife, Robyn who he legally wed in 2014 so he could adopt her three children from her first marriage. Christine has pointed out how Robyn is his favorite wife and Janelle makes it known that she can and never will be Robyn.

Pitting The Wives

When Christine revealed that she was moving to Utah from Flagstaff in a week, she had some tough stuff to share. One thing she noted was that she needed space from Meri and Robyn Brown. She knew that they had been talking behind her back and really did not care to hear her side of the story. They did not understand why she was leaving Kody but only thought about her breaking up the family.

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Janelle has been there as a friend and a listening ear. It feels as if Kody is pitting the wives against each other and now, Janelle is off on her own because she has a voice, like Christine, and is not afraid to use it.

Do you think Robyn likes being the special and favorite wife? Will this leave her ultimately alone with Kody? Let us know your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Coty is nothing but an asshole. Meri is right with Robin because she is living in a fantasy world where she thinks by befriending Robin will bring her and coty coser. don’t kid yourself.
    Christina is the smart one and it looks like Janelle is catching on. marriage, being monogamy or plural is give and take. you give and give and give some more while those 2 take. That Bastard could not even kiss you on your anniversary. He don’t want plural marriage he wants plural income.

    1. Totally agree. Kody doesn’t consider when its not working with one wife, he just jumps to another to have his various needs met. But the wives are out in the cold on their own to figure out solutions with their children and their needs. If Kody took a 5th wife, had several more children , that would be the true test for Robin when she is forced into being independent

  2. I think Robyn is now realizing that she is left with Koty,how long before another sister wife is introduced?. one that has more clout ( MONEY) AND is younger.Just saying. Koty needs that, he is narcissistic and a big baby with a ” little man syndrome “joann

  3. Kody is.self centered and an ass. There’s no way I could share a man. Robyn is a jerk too. If Meri hadn’t divorced Kody she wouldn’t be married to him. If Meri and Janelle were smart they would both leave. Meri made a mistake and he holds it over her head. Screw him leave and find someone else.

  4. Kody is a big jerk and Robyn’ deserves him because of her snarky behavior. They are truly horrible people, ranking up there with the Sussex’s. I am a grest believer in Karma and I would hate to be around Kody and Robyn when theirs comes due.

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