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Lifetime’s ‘The Holiday Dating Guide’: All The Details

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In Lifetime’s The Holiday Dating Guide, a dating expert has 12 days to get a guy to fall for her. Is this possible over the Christmas holiday season?

The Holiday Dating Guide stars Maria Menounos (Guy’s Ultimate Game Night, The Holiday Fix Up), Brent Bailey (Lucifer, A Cape Cod Christmas), Steve Vinovich (Godfather Of Harlem, Shirley), Kelly Lynn Reiter (Project Legion, My Son Hunter), Ava Paloma (The Blacklist, The Tales of Toverud), Mason McCulley (Young Sheldon, Send Help), Andrea Susan Bush (Perception, Chicago P.D.), Jequrey Slaton (FBI, The Quiet), Kerry Malloy (Manifest, Bull), Sarah Allyn (Stray, Landing Home), Evan Bergman (Huckleberry, Jerry And Marge Go Large), Victoria Scala (The Resident, The Oval), Thomas Wilson Pace (Clear The Smoke, Condor’s Next), Amadeo Fusca (Princess Cut, The Unsung), Michael ‘Big Smooth’ Frazier (The Encounter, Unplanned), Braeden Michael Baldwin, and Buddy Watkins (Paradise City, Bandit).

Brent Bailey (Kids With Adult Problems, Vid_687337) wrote the script with Brian Herzlinger (Deadly Yoga Retreat, Reindeer Games Homecoming) directing

Used with Lifetime's permission
Used with Lifetime’s permission

What is Lifetime’s The Holiday Dating Guide About?

According to The Futon Critic, Abigale Slater (Menounos) is a dating coach. Moreover, she is an aspiring writer whose dream is starting to come to fruition.

She has just written her first book on dating in the modern world. Now, she needs to get this work published.

However, Jack (Vinovich), her publisher, is not holding back the reins. More so, he wants to know if her methods actually work. He is ready to say no to Abigale when she makes a promise. She vows that she will prove that her rules work by making a man fall in love with her by Christmas Eve. That gives her exactly 12 days to make it happen.

The irony is that Abigale has never made relationships a priority. She has not been looking for the one, despite her profession. But, this changes when she meets Michael Ryan (Bailey). Now, she really wants this to happen. She follows her own advice, but can she make the romance of her dreams happen?

Used with Lifetime's permission
Used with Lifetime’s permission

When Can You Watch The Holiday Dating Guide?

The premiere of The Holiday Dating Guide is on Saturday, December 17, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Lifetime. This movie will be available the next day on the Lifetime website.

Used with Lifetime's permission
Used with Lifetime’s permission

Lifetime’s Reindeer Games Homecoming 

Don’t miss It’s A Wonderful Lifetime’s Reindeer Games Homecoming. This movie stars Sarah Drew (Amber Brown, Stolen By Their Father), Justin Bruening (Sweet Magnolias, Swept Up By Christmas), Ava Cheung (Love In Wolf Creek, Slumberland), Brian Sills (We Wish You A Married Christmas, The Holiday-Fix Up), Ashley Bryant (Nightalk, Private Eyes), Dorian Giordano (Lockdown, World’s Best), Richard Patrick Tolton II (The Boy In The Woods, Civil), Alicia Alexander, and Shannon McDonough (In Production, Deadly Ex Next Door).

According to IMDb, “When her father dies, MacKenzie keeps her father’s tradition of the town’s fundraising The Reindeer Games alive, but when high school crush Chase shows up and plays against her, the spark between them grows.”

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  1. The Holiday Dating Guide sounds wonderful! I grew up in Tifton, and I think the movie’s featured house on the corner of 20th and Murray is my childhood home. I can’t watch the movie tonight, but I will try to stream it tomorrow. Via Instagram, I just watched the star walk by the TIft Theater. Fun! Someone said that an “office” is in ABAC, and my mother taught English there years ago. Filming in August must have been challenging! 🙂 The heat and humidity are worse then than in any other time of the year. Well done!!!

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