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Kody Brown Flops Around More Than A Fish

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Kody Brown talks out of both sides of his mouth. The father of eighteen really has no idea what he wants or who he feels and it shows more in each episode. In the latest episode of Sister Wives, he continued to demonstrate his back-and-forth feelings toward his former third wife, Christine. He has now become the embodiment of you do not know what you have until it is gone. Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Has Become A Human Fish

Last week on Sister Wives, it was time for the family to say goodbye to Christine. She had packed up her Flagstaff home and was headed to Utah. Her daughter, Mykelti awkwardly coordinated a family get-together to bid her adieu but, in the end, Kody said he never wanted to see Christine again. Furthermore, he never wanted to see her home again. Essentially, anything that reminded him of her, he was done with. She somewhat felt the same as she sold their bedroom set and was ready for a new chapter.

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Kody & Christine, the way they were

This week, he just happened to be driving by Christine’s home and saw Janelle with her daughter, Savanah at the house. She needed to use the water for her RV and had gotten Christine’s permission. Kody stopped in to broach the topic of Janelle buying Christine’s home as her initial offer had fallen through. The home that he was done with, he suddenly wanted back.

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Then, Christine came back to Flagstaff to grab the rest of her stuff from the garage once the home was officially sold to another person. Kody had come by to help her move the snowblower. As she was driving away, he revealed that he had so many emotions. Earlier, when she had first left, he noted that he wanted to tell her that he loved her. Yet, he had previously said he never wanted to see her again. Plus, she filled him with so much rage. What does this man actually want?

Christine Moves On

Kody Brown may be floundering but Christine is happy as pie. The latest episode showed her walking into her new Utah rental and seeing her very own master en suite. She knew that she would be buying her own bedroom furniture and everything would belong to her. That was a game-changer. As for Kody, he is still struggling to maintain control wherever he can which is not an easy feat for him.

Can he ever resolve his feelings for Christine and find a happy medium? Or will Kody flop constantly for the rest of his days? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. He is so full of it, Cody is only looking out for Cody. What does he do for a living other than take money from his wifes..
    It is obvious he only wants to be married to Robyn. they should all dump his a$$.

  2. can’t stand that man he is anidiot winning and crying about everything and all Robin’s crying she knew she was his favorite and loved every minute of it he treats the other wife’s and kids like he could care less about them he is a self centered idiot does he even have a job or does he live off his wives

  3. I do like this man called Cody. He loses his mind as he looses control.I don’t think care about wives leaving. He is upset and embarrassed that his so- called plural marriages is falling apart in front of the world.

  4. He also seems to be clueless when it comes to their finances. He told Janelle they could afford for her to buy Christine’s house and start the new home build at Coyote Pass. Later in the episode, when she shows him the new house blueprints, he changed his tune saying they can’t afford it until all the land is paid off. Which is it? He lies and flip flops based on what HE wants. He has become such a db.

  5. Kody is a nut bag. I don’t blame the wives for taking off. He!s crazy! Good for the women for knowing enough to get away from him.

  6. He is gross and spineless. For him to speak to Christine like that, in front of the other wives, tv cameras etc etc. So shameful & don’t get me started on Robin! I don’t think there is a more fake person on any of these reality shows. She knows 100000% Kotex has abandoned the other wives prob because she refused to allow him to be with them. My wish is he soon seeks a new wife to replace Christine then let’s see how SobbinRobbin feels. She has no time or compassion for what the original wives have gone thru. I can’t imagine the pain.

  7. Robyn better get prepared he’ll soon want a new sister wife. I’d like to believe she really wanted a connection with her sister wife’s,think she was very happy having Kody to herself.Shes the only one left for him to control.

  8. I’m pretty sure that Kody has previously stated he did not love Christine and is the reason they were not intimate. Am I mistaken?

  9. Meri go already. he keeps saying he’s not really married to you doesn’t want you doesn’t interact with you. Janelle is a smart woman who I’m sure has already left him. leave him to his own sorry self

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