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Janelle Brown Calls Christine Perfect Sister Wife

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Janelle Brown has grown exceptionally close to her now-former sister wife Christine. The two have realized that they shared an experience like no other together. Plus, they really like each other as people. As the time came for Christine to leave Flagstaff for Utah, Janelle was sad to be losing her. She also confessed that Christine was the perfect sister wife. What made her say that? Read on for more details.

Janelle Brown Calls Christine The Perfect Sister Wife

Though the Brown family may be crumbling, some relationships have flourished. During the pandemic, Kody had put strict rules in place for his wives and kids. This was so that he could safely travel from house to house. However, he felt that both Christine and Janelle were being reckless as were Janelle’s sons. She stood up to Kody while Christine kept living her life and following the CDC guidelines. Yet, they did enjoy time together whenever they could, behind their husband’s back.

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Janelle’s son Gabe even told his dad that the distance and separation of family during Covid was the hardest on Christine. After all, she was the one who raised most of the children and he never forgot that. She needed to have the kids surrounding her. In the current season of Sister Wives, it has come up frequently how Janelle and Christine ultimately worked as a team. When Christine joined the family in 1994, there was a lot of tension.

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Meri and Janelle did not have the best time together but Christine broke all of that. Then, despite them having their own issues, the two women grew quite close. While Janelle worked twelve-hour days, Christine was the homemaker. She helped to raise Janelle’s six kids as well as her own six children. They grew to have a true appreciation for one another and it is something that they just do not have with the other two. After Janelle said goodbye, she said that Christine was just the perfect sister wife.

And The Relationship Continues

Christine and Janelle Brown have not let distance affect their friendship. The two work together promoting the weight loss product Plexus. Plus, they travel and adventure a lot along with their children. Most recently, they gathered for Janelle’s eldest son, Logan’s wedding to Michelle Petty. Though Christine was quite meek when she married Kody, she has become fiercely independent and it looks like she and Janelle have bonded over that, as well. Fans love to watch them together and would welcome a spinoff, especially if Janelle were to leave Kody.

Do you think Christine was the perfect sister wife? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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