‘Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune’ Holiday Special To Star Big Names

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Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune holiday spinoff episode will welcome big names as the game show gets into the Christmas spirit. The episode, set to air on December 6, 2022, will feature some of the well-known faces from Hollywood. Hosted by Pat Sajak and Vanna White, the celebrity spinoff’s third season premiered on September 25 with some popular names from the industry. So, who are these big names to partake in the holiday special episode? Keep reading to find out the details!

Jack Black To Appear On Wheel Of Fortune Holiday Special

The Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Spinoff Season 3 is the first to have a studio audience. In the past, the spinoff has welcomed several guests including Mark Duplass, Snoop Dogg, and Amanda Seals. As reported by The Sun, the upcoming holiday special will welcome Kal Penn, Sasheer Zamata, and A-list star Jack Black. The SNL alum Sasheer will play on behalf of SELAH, while Jack will be playing for 24th Street Theatre. Kal, who was also a White House staff, will represent Myrtle Avenue Revitalization Project.

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As per The Sun, Jack’s big break in Hollywood was in 2000 with the romantic comedy High Fidelity. Following that, the actor starred in several hit movies including Jumanji and Nacho Libre. Popular for his highly energetic personality, watching him take on the game show will be a treat for fans. The celebrity participants will play to win $1 Million for the charity they represent.

Snoop Dogg Impressed Fans With His Hilarious Answers

The show premiere with Snoop Dogg shocked fans with how wild his answers were. Fans enjoyed the celebrity to an extent that they begged for him to be on every night of the show giving his hilarious answers. Throughout the episode, Snoop’s gameplay had his fellow contestants and fans cracking up with amusement.

For one puzzle, the rapper guessed, “Baking onions,” instead of the correct answer “Baking brownies.”

Some of his other incorrect answers included, “Swallowing the not”, “Toilet atlas”, and “Airport teacher”.

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Talking about his funny gameplay, a viewer wrote, “Baking onions will be on both the highlight and blooper reel for a long time.”

“Snoop’s guesses on Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune were truly next-level hilarious,” wrote another fan.

A third fan claimed, “Pretty sure the record is being broken for the most incorrect solve attempts in a single episode of Wheel.”

Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune Will Have Secret Santa Game

With Jack Black gracing the show with his presence on the Christmas special, the show also has something more planned for viewers. A Secret Santa game is also on the books for the special episode.

The Celebrity spinoff had recently welcomed Mary Lynn Rajskub, Luenell, and Paul Scheer in the November 13 episode. Following this, the December 4 episode will have Gayle King, RuPaul, and Julie Bowen competing for the prize money for charity.

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