Bear Brown Shares Photos From His Short Film About Joker

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Bear Brown announced a few months ago that he was making a short film project on his own. It turned out that this was a fan film he made about the Batman villain, the Joker. Yesterday, he posted some photos from that film shoot for his fans on Instagram.

He seems very excited about what he accomplished, but there were several Alaskan Bush People fans who either didn’t get it or who do not know who Joker is.

Bear Brown made a short film about Joker


Bear Brown posted some cryptic photos over the summer, showing him working on his own short film. While no one knew what it was about, it looked like he was making a horror movie. Add to that the fact that Bear seems to be a big fan of Batman and his villain Joker, and it made sense that the movie he shot was about that DC Comics bad guy.

Bear Brown | YouTube

In an Instagram post on Saturday, Bear posted several photos from the movie shoot. He was in full makeup as the Clown Prince of Crime. There were great shots of him in the rain, and others with him brandishing a gun. In the end, it was quite impressive how good his makeup was and some photos were also great.

In the caption, Bear knew some Alaskan Bush People fans might not get it, so he wanted to clear the air up front. He wrote, “The Joker! Pictures of my fan made joker project! The Joker is not a good role model and belongs in comic books and films (not in real life).” That didn’t seem to be enough for many fans who clearly did not know who Joker was.

Several Alaskan Bush People fans don’t get it

As always, when Bear posts something on social media, there are people who rush out to slam him for it. This time, it wasn’t Alaskan Bush People haters. In this case, it was the show’s fans, who have apparently never read a comic book or watched a Batman movie.

“Kinda scary,” one fan wrote. “But if you like that kinda thing…more power to ya! Know it’s not meant to be real..its just me I guess?, I never was into those slasher films.” It seemed they thought this was a slasher villain like Michael Myers or Freddy Krueger and not a comic book character.

Bear Brown as Joker

Another fan wrote that the photos of Bear as Joker were “very demonic.” They asked Bear to “follow light, not darkness.” Someone else asked why Bear posted these if he felt Joker was not a good role model, completely lacking the understanding of fiction and filmmaking. Someone responded to them by using the Joker quote from The Dark Knight, “why so serious?” This allowed the commenter to double down on their lack of understanding of Bear’s source material.

For his part, Bear Brown responded to many commenters. When one said they didn’t like Joker, Bear let them know that was fair. He also responded happily to everyone who complimented his hard work on the makeup and photos.

What did you think about the Bear Brown Joker photos? Are you enjoying his story so far this season on Alaskan Bush People? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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