Audrey Roloff Catches Heat For Latest Brag

Audrey Roloff Wears Bow In Hair [Audrey Roloff | Instagram]

Audrey Roloff caught heat for her latest brag. The TLC personality likes to brag a lot. However, fans think she should be more humble. Keep reading on to see why fans are slamming her for bragging about her wardrobe.

LPBW star has a history of bragging

Earlier this month, Audrey Roloff made a “not-so-subtle” brag about her parenting. She took to her Instagram Stories to inform her 1.6 million followers that she juggled multiple tasks as a parent. Audrey shares three children with her husband Jeremy, who provides her with help.

Audrey Roloff Goes On Foggy Adventure [Audrey Roloff | Instagram Stories]
[Audrey Roloff | Instagram Stories]
Audrey Roloff shared her bragging rights on Instagram. The reality star posted a photo of herself in a mauve-colored hooded sweatshirt with a cobalt blue T-shirt and matching tight leggings. She held her one-year-old son Radley in her arms. Audrey looked proudly at the camera as she bragged about juggling multiple duties.

“Also crazy how as a mom you can be crushing your to-do list, working out, tackling house/property projects, hosting parties, making homecooked meals, getting people where they need to be…to just DOWN,” Audrey Roloff wrote across the photo. “All plans out the window to care for babies.”

Audrey Roloff Wears Sweatshirt & Tight Leggings [Audrey Roloff | Instagram Stories]
[Audrey Roloff | Instagram Stories]
One fan took to Reddit to share Audrey’s Instagram Stories. That person accused her of bragging. They admitted that her Instagram post “annoyed” them because they’re also a mom. Other LPBW fans took to the thread to share their thoughts.

  • “That’s just what most people call life. No need for the humble brag.”
  • “She rambles and brags so much it’s nauseating.”
  • “I can say as a mom I’ve never crushed any of those things in 10 years.”
  • “Not every mom gets to be a wealthy stay-at-home parent with a stay-at-home dad also in the home. (Not that Jeremy does anything, but still…).”
  • “Try doing all that with a proper full time job (not mlm) on top Audj. Or 2 jobs in people’s cases. Or single parents. You aren’t special.”

Audrey Roloff talks about her wardrobe

This time, Audrey Roloff returned to her Instagram Stories to brag about her wardrobe. She shared a selfie of herself fitting into her old jeans. Audrey showed off her slimmer figure in a blue and white Scandanavian sweater and light-wash skinny jeans.

“These Levi’s I’ve had for 4 years and love them still (40% off right now),” Audrey Roloff wrote in her Instagram Stories. “The sweater is new and so soft and cozy and currently 50% off!”

Audrey Roloff Shows Off Thanksgiving Outfit [Audrey Roloff | Instagram Stories]
[Audrey Roloff | Instagram Stories]
Audrey wanted to show off her Thanksgiving outfit. She also included a link so her followers can purchase the same items, in which she receives a commission. However, some fans think she’s bragging about fitting into the same pair of jeans. Many fans took to Reddit to call her out on her “humble brag” and shade her for doing “so much work.”

What are your thoughts on Audrey Roloff catching heat for her latest brag? Do you think she brags too much? If so, do you think it’s a problem? Sound off below in the comment section.

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