Tyler Norris Thanks Bachelor Nation After Heartbreak

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Tyler Norris is still Bachelor Nation’s sweetheart. After a brutal breakup with Brittany Galvin who he left Bachelor in Paradise with. They seemed really good together, and he even met her family. Brittany had started to vibe with Andrew Spencer but when she met Tyler after the split week on the beach, she didn’t think about him again. They were instantly attracted to each other and even though he took Shanae Ankney on a date, he was all in.

Tyler wrote a letter to Bachelor Nation on his Instagram. He said he’s just as confused as a lot of the people reading it. He also asked those who supported him to not show hate towards anyone else. Tyler said someone always gets hurt in a relationship, but he learned from it. Bachelor nation stars showed their support. His brothers from BIP supported him. Aaron Clancy and Logan Palmer both told him they loved him. Jill Chin said she loved him and he was the best friend anyone could have.

Tyler Norris Had Two Heartbreaks In One Day

Tyler Norris said the day Brittany broke up with him was the day the episode of Rachel breaking up with him aired. Brittany told him she needed some time and flew to Italy where she broke up with him on Facetime. Of course, there are two sides to every story, but most fans are on his side. Fans told him he’d find the right one for him and to not stop being himself.

Tyler Norris, YouTube
Tyler Norris and Brittany, YouTube

She said she slowly didn’t feel the same way. Tyler said she never shared that she didn’t feel the same and told him she loved him every day. Brittany came off cold during the reunion after how into him she’d been on the beach.

Now that the reunion has wrapped up he shared his thoughts on Instagram. After thanking fans for their support he said, “I can say I got a chance to show you all who I am. I’m not perfect, none of us are, but I always tried to represent where I come from and how I was brought up and I hope I did that well.”

Tyler continued, “No I didn’t get a chance to find what I came here for but you always have to see the positive in it. The friends I’ve made through this experience was worth any of the hurt.”

He’s Relatable And Well Liked

Tyler Norris shared an adorable video of himself holding his nephew with the caption, “gotta work on this nephew thing.” The video transitions after he falls asleep holding the baby to him and wakes up to holding a potato. Bachelor Nation fans love Tyler. One fan commented on his TikTok, “honestly relatable but like can I be the little potato you’re holding?”

When Rachel sent Tyler home he was so gracious and classy in his post. He said, “For me, I’ve always had the dream of finding my person and being the best man I can be every day.” He went on to say he wouldn’t let hurt cause him to give up. Here’s hoping he finds the one for him soon. What do you think about their breakup? Did it surprise you? Do you think he would have been better off staying with Shanae? Comment with your thoughts below.

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