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Robyn Brown Real Reason Kody Brown Suddenly Hates Pets?

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Kody Brown has always had animals since he was a child. He grew up on a farm and when Sister Wives began, the family had a rescue pooch. Three out of four of the Brown wives have always been keen on having pets in their homes. However, when it came to Robyn, it has been an animal-free environment. During the pandemic, Robyn’s eldest daughters, Aurora and Breanna were reaching major milestones.

They had asked for a puppy as a gift/reward. However, Kody made it seem like this was out of the realm and all of the responsibility would fall on him. This made Kody look like a monster yet after old footage resurfaced, was it really Kody who was against the pooch or Robyn’s doing all along?

Is Robyn The Real Reason Kody Brown Suddenly Hates Pets?

Kody has always had animals and never seemed to have a problem with them. The show started with them having a puppy and it seemed just fine. However, once Kody married Robyn, that all changed. He became bitter toward animals and the idea of having them around him. Even in Janelle’s RV, he believes that the dogs get treated better than him. Yet, it appears that he was not always this bitter towards dogs and man’s best friend. According to a Reddit thread, a video has resurfaced of Robyn kicking a dog, seemingly unprovoked.

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This has led fans to believe that it was Robyn who had a hand in keeping animals away. More so, she is the one who somehow turned Kody against pups and made them less than desirable in her home. “Oooooh. This is why Kody – after years of owning dogs with other wives – decided he hates pets,” the thread began.

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Another person added: “Oh my god this makes so much sense!! I was so confused how he would say he hated animals, then he was burying Mariah’s childhood dog and I’m like ??? Which is it sir?” It seems that viewers are very confused as there seems to have been quite a shift in OG Kody to who he has become now.

Over Robyn

It seems that Kody Brown has been so heavily influenced by his favorite wife that he forgot where he came from. This video just gave fans so much more ammunition to dislike Robyn further. This season has not been her finest. She has been preaching about rebuilding the family. However, she is failing to understand why Christine chose to leave Kody and will not admit that the two are even divorced. Now it seems Robyn will have to further answer to the angry fans and animal lovers who cannot believe how she mistreats animals.

Do you think her disdain for dogs is the true reason Kody Brown stopped wanting pets around? Or has he just become a cold human being? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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